2.41 update and now bridge is gone

ok I need some help, as I am using this dac more and more I tried the new 2.41 up from the 220 . it seems to work but the bridge is gone now. ok I give up how do I get it back… please help???

You have probably lost the connection between Bridge and network.

unzip this file on a usb stick [2g works best] and plug it into the back of PWD.

reboot PWD and Bridge should come back.

Also if you have been running with a static IP then change the Bridge back toDynamic [DHCP] and reboot PWD and your router.

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Once you can see the Bridge from your computer web page this means it is functional.

If PWD/Bridge is still not selectable in Elyric 32.03, then Elyric is not making the connection.

This is usually a router/PC issue and the next step is to cold boot [ ac unplugged of EVERYTHING.

After 5 minutes, start up beginning with the router and then downstream with PWD starting up last.

Good luck!

I just did what you instructed me and all is well , also before I did it . I tested out jriver it worked fine. so as you have said it is elyric… gorden thanks.

al d

ok so here is an update. I have done what was explained and the elyric although plays other dacs and other inputs, but refuses to play to the bridge. I am presently using jriver 19 all is good . is there a reason that I am not aware of that I should use e lyric ?? if not im good and as always thanks for all the help…

An uninstall and reinstall of Elyric would probably do the trick but since JR is singing well then probably best to stick with it.

In this case, remove EMM completely

I did , I also did the uninstall reg cleaner reboot ,reinstall the one you said and the upgrade . I did this after the whole house reboot… Well two hours later no go. As I do not beleAve it was the firmware that did this, it is a strained thing. Buy the way the firmware is fantastic. A pure wow factor at least with headphones. In about two weeks I will have the new speakers ,amps etc all setup. Thanks for all the help everyone. Great sound and support it can’t be better .

Thanks. Al D


It is too bad that @admin took down my how-to post re an absolute clean eLyric uninstall/install. I received a great deal of positive comments on the step-by-step guide.

That’s cool as Elyric is simple, but I honestly use jr for all other dacs anyway. So it is all good. And I must say it’s really cool to play music without USB …thanks all.

Al D