Bridge II for Streaming Only Which App (MConnect or Bubble UPnP)?


I’ll give it a try.

Thank you, very much.

I liked the look of the Lumin app when I had it load and link to all of my files – so, we will see.

Although no MQA-unfold IMHO Lumin definitely beats mConnect control :wink:

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wijber, thanks so much for this, I’m deleting my previous post, it was the BubbleUPnP server that did the trick and I can see the Tidal and Qobuz capability too.
I installed on my Win10 PC. I can see my Hegel, Denon and Bridge II card(DS Senior) now.

Got this working tonight on my Synology. Works great and can use LUMIN or Linn Kazoo.

No one has volume control working with the lumin app correct? I am assuming no volume control with the mConnect app as well?

I just got this DirectStream the other day and have to say it is super clunky. Maybe I am just soiled coming from a Sonos. Well … spoiled UI wise not sound quality wise…

Never had problems using volume control in both the Lumin & mConnect control apps streaming over BridgeII (sd card needs to be plugged in)

Yes… I said that wrong. I was hoping that there was a better integration with the Bridge. It DAC volume works independent of the App volume so it means playing the volume game. My current Pre-Amp does not have passthrough connections so I now have and amp volume, DAC volume and the app volume.

Maybe we can request a feature were you can set the dac to “passthrough” for a given input bypassing the volume control.

My new pre-amp will have the passthrough and if the DAC did as well a single volume control in the app would be the only one that would need adjusting.

‘App volume’ simply doesn’t exist. With the app as the control point you adjust the DAC volume at wish.

I’m doing a Bridge II + Bubble UPNP + Minimserver + Lumin app + NAS DS218+. It’s solid.

Here are my initial impressions of the setup I chose. Qobuz streaming to Bridge II using both mConnect on iPhone and BubbleUPnP on Fire tablet.

The mConnect isn’t bad so far. The only misbehavior noticed is that pausing playback and allowing the phone to lock or app to close causes you to lose the music queue so you have to start over. Trying this arrangement with a longer auto-lock time on the phone of 5 minutes we’ll see.

The BubbleUPnP on Fire tablet has been stable so far and the larger screen is nice to surf for more music. I will say after using iOS products for a while this particular Android product is pretty clunky. This may have more to do with Amazon than the device itself. Lots of forced ads (I know the thing was $50 so can’t get too worked up).

I think it will be nice to have both options for controlling the Bridge II. I’m very impressed with how easy installation and setup was with the Bridge. I was up and running in about 15 minutes. Then just had to add an SD card to get album art to display from Qobuz on the DS DAC. Really great so far and can’t wait to get better internet. My “12Mb/sec” DSL is rarely that fast so between two of us working from home and trying to stream very high res audio it can be challenged to the point of drop outs.

BubbleUPnP license is < 5$ for use without any add and limitations. Absolutely worth the bucks. Unlike the free version, you can stream media files along with advanced features like editable playlists, playback queue, shuffle modes, sleep timer, full screen image viewer and much more.

With the Bridge configured as an Open Home renderer (BubbleUPnP server) an album or playlist will continue to play till the end even when you turn off the tablet.


Loving this streaming stuff. Convenience, high SQ, massive library. What’s not to like?

Now can anyone help this newbie with the simplest, plug and play NAS drive to download content from Qobuz and play through Bridge II?


This topic might help you out :wink:

I currently have 5 Synology NAS boxes in different places and they have all been rock solid performers. If you get one, make sure to use NAS spec hard drives and fill the board with memory.
I just bought one of these for my music server:

And put two of these drives in it setup as a RAID array:

I now use this NAS as my music backup drive but it will serve you well as a primary music server.

If you plan n building a large library of video and movies you might want a larger diskstation:

Either way I would set it up as a RAID 1 which is mirroring. You only get half of the storage capacity but a full mirrored data set. If you lose one drive, you can simply “hot swap” it with another new drive and the array will rebuild automatically.


Hey Vern,
Thanks a lot for the NAS hardware recommendations. On my Amazon wish list now. And I totally get the RAID concept. Would be very painful to lose a ton of stored music.

No problem. Their software is web based and has a pretty straight forward learning curve. Once you get things setup it’s pretty much forget about it. They do periodic web updates to the main software and any installed packages you have. I do not have them automatically applied but rather do it myself periodically.
Take a look at their website and do some YouTube searches and you will get a feel for the software. These NAS boxes do need a wired network connection and your Bridge II should also be wired. Others have had good luck with wireless connections but in this case wires is best.
Also bear in mind that the drives will constantly be rattling from use so if your listening area is dead quiet you may want the NAS in another room. I also keep my NAS boxes plugged into a CyberPower 1500va battery backups. The Synology NAS can communicate with the UPS and coordinate a safe shutdown should power be lost. Not a necessity but good practice.
Time is on your side so you can do plenty of research before purchasing. I think they also have a “practice” web interface that you can play around with in the mean time.

The only regret I have with my NAS (DS218+) was not doing it sooner. Having one central indexed repository for Music for all of devices is a breath of fresh air. With transcoding I can play my DSD material to any device that doesn’t support it natively. Just added the Plex Media Server to the NAS and now I can play 100% of my Music library to my Sonos Move Speakers.

Let me tap on your expertise in network storage if you don’t mind.

I have an older WD NAS and find it to be slow compared to what I’ve set up using NVMe storage on my desktop. It is also slower than the drive I set up directly through my Asus router connected through an USB 3.0 connection. I’m also now testing a connect through a NVMe assembled jump drive.

BTW, I decided to go with JRiver to manage my music even though there’s a bit of a learning curve. My repurposed older tablets and media streamers are not supported by the current android apps but I am extremely happy with Gizmo (discontinued I believe) which is free.

I have only used Synology NAS boxes connected via CAT5 or CAT6 cables to a switch or router. I have used JRiver in the past but much prefer Roon. I now have a lifetime subscription. JRiver was always glitchy and would quit working for no known reason. I haven’t used it in a couple years now.

Hi have used Jriver Media Center since version 22. Currently on 26. It is very stable with no glitches and the JRemote is also just revised and stable. It is better than MConnect, Lumin app IMO.
But…still not as good as Roon