DSD+Bridge-II Easy Control

So what are the options to direct music to my new Bridge-II via wired network? I’m not looking for reviews of the different streaming companies. I am interested in the software solutions to direct music (streamed) and from NAS to the Bridge-II.
What is:

  • Best
  • Easiest
  • Least expensive

The cheapest is the software designed for the Bridge II by Conversdigital and PSA which is mConnect Control HD. Try it first and see if it works for you before exploring other options which do cost extra.

With Android try BubbleUPnP, nice interface and works like a charm!

Agree BubbleUPnP control-point software is the best app. There is a small licence fee. I did a comparison with mConnect (and several other apps) and far preferred BubbleUPnP.

For server software I would very strongly recommend MinimServer which you can install on your NAS and is free (Simon Nash supports the software from donations from users, of which there are very many). I read recently that dCS had found that MinimServer was the most reliable UPnP server software.

I also used the combo minim server + bubbleUPnP. Also tried the LinnKazoo combos, but minim server+bubble were faster and more reliable. The downside is that bubble is android only, and minim requires a bit of configuration in a not so user friendly interface. It is not particularly difficult, but takes a bit of patience.

The LinnKazoo route is free, iOS and Android and Windows, and more user friendly to get going. The only trick is that you have to configure the bridge as an OpenHome device for it to properly work. You can do that by the bubbleupnpserver (not to be confused with the android bubble app), that is also free and easy to configure. just click on the bridge and select create device.

Final, there is the Roon route. By far the easiest, best looking, and more friendly interface. Tons of information, automatically organise your library and no artwork problems. That is my favourite now. The downside: cost.

Here follows the links to the Linn package. If I were you, I would try a bit of everything (all of the solutions are either free or has a free trial period), and see to which you become more accustomed. Best of luck.

Should you need any help or advice configuring any of these, just chime in.



Too dependent on system details and individual preferences to make a declaration. You will have to experiment and decide for your self. That said, in my experience the best consistent overall sound quality that I have pulled from my network is via JRiver Media Center (JRMC).

Files on my iMac are “served” wirelessly to router; from router to media converter (which takes signal from ethernet cable to optical to ethernet); media converter to switch; switch to Pink Faun LAN Isolator RJ45; LAN isolator to PSA Bridge II ethernet card/DS Sr. The control point is an iOS app., JRemote.

I also use Roon in lieu of JRMC to serve my files as well as streaming Qobuz and Tidal. Depending on the content Roon can be just as good and oftentimes better than JRMC. I also have The mcontrol app. from mconnect to access my iMac files, which works fine but always seems to be my “third choice”.


If you are trying just to get your files from your storage device to the Bridge, I can’t think of a simpler option than mcontrol/mconnect.

Least Expensive:


FWIW, I use all of the above from time to time. Roon with Qobuz and Tidal is an exceptional way to explore new music and just let the music flow. For critical listening of favorites, JRMC is my “go to”.

Its all good!

Enjoy the journey and the music.