Streaming the way it ought to work

A perfect Qobuz example of the way streaming ought to work :star_struck:

Screenprint streaming John Scofield ‘Past Present’ in 24/96

Tap on cover results in showing metadata…

…AND a hyperlink to the complete -in this case 10 pages- digital booklet (pdf) to read and/or download

That is an impressive GUI . I will be anxious to demo when it is offered in the US.

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To be honest this is the BubbleUpnp GUI and not the native Qobuz GUI. I use my Android tablet to stream Qobuz (as well as Tidal and my local files) to the Melco/DS combo. Mostly I start my listening session in the native Qobuz (or Tidal) app/GUI, select the music I want to listen and share this straight from the Qobuz GUI with Bubble (selecting the three dots gives the option to put selected music in the Bubble queue) to stream it to the DS. Looks like this:

Screen native Qobuz GUI (in this case ‘new releases’) ;

From there I select ‘Dialogkantaten’ 24/96 J.S.Bach ;

and choose ‘share with BubbleUPnP’ by tapping the three dots, which puts the album in the Bubble playlist at once ;

Switching between the GUI’s is simple and fast, in the background Bubble keeps on playing while feeding the queue. Of course one can also choose to download the digital booklets at once in the Qobuz GUI (by tapping on the booklet symbol).

Looks quite familiar, I also use BubbleUPnP on an Android table as a GUI for Qobuz. ( Sublime + )
Did you install the free app for the lyrics/album notes? ( I skipped this because it said that it contained ads )
I just picked up a new Digi Land 7" Android tablet with detachable keyboard for $32 total to replace my ancient Samsung 7" tablet that was my GUI. The screen color and resolution are a bit lower than the Samsung but the operating system works quite better with BubbleUPnP.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. For lyrics I got the -free- version of Musixmatch, works like a layer in Bubble.

See the little red dot in the right corner down below;

Tap on that dot results in showing the lyrics of the played track;

It’s a nice little feature which only works in landscape mode, however some artists (i.e. Neil Young) don’t allow this…

Yes, that is the app that I was referring to, do you get “ads” popping up with it?

Only the moment you’re ‘popping up’ the Musixmatch screen it sometimes starts showing an add which you can close instantly. And it shows a small add at the bottom of the Musixmatch screen, which don’t disturb.