Bridge II update?


I am new to the forum and have read some of the threads, when i was looking for an answer to this question: (i am in Europe)

I still have aPWD with bridge 1 and am looking to upgrade the bridge to bridge 2, because i would like to run Tidal directly with the Tidal app and lose the Mconnect app which is really unstable and shuts down every time i look at something on my ipad.

So the real question is: will the bridge 2 run Tidal, without anything such as roon, mconnect or is that not possible?

Thank you for your help!


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You will need some type of controlling program like Roon or Connect to tell the Bridge what to play. Unfortunately, Tidal does not have their own app that will interface with the Bridge directly.

My Connect app seems to run flawlessly doing the same thing, though I don’t particularly like its interface. Which version of Connect are you running?


Hello Paul,

I am running the Myconnect player HD version 3.3.16 and it is not very stable. What is then the major advantage to upgrade to bridge 2, apart from sonic advantages and gapless play?

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I am using mconnectControl HD 2.4.11, not the Player. Works fine from my iPad into Bridge II in DirectStream DAC.


Hello John,
Thank you very much! I will look into that!





From what I gather, probably best option is a separate streamer with good apps, Roon functionality, and stable functionality. At the low end, a Sonos Connect or Bluesound should do much better, and then at high end, Aurilic, Aurender, or Innous are some of the options that comes to mind.


Well looks like PSA is never going to solve the issue of loud bursts of distortion associated with the bridge 2 when file resolution changes. They told me a couple weeks ago, they were days from solving the issue. That sucks! I feel like my bridge is going to damage my speakers.
Guess I’ll spend $4000 on an Auralic Aries G2. That may lead to a new Vega G2 DAC as well.


10 days ago, @Schroedster said they had a fix but no release date yet. Maybe we can get an update?


Just found that post, thanks.


With Roon, I also hear short and loud bursts of noise from my Bridge II when the resolution of the song changes. It can get embarrassing when demonstrating one’s system to visitors. I really hope an update fixes it soon.

In the meantime, I’m using this…

It certainly isn’t cheap but it works well, is bug-free and sounds great hooked up to an I2S input of the DS.


Thanks. Already bought an Auralic Aries G2. I’m really not happy about the lack of information being disseminated about the situation.


Hi pbphoto,

We received a code from Convers Digital that was supposed to address these issues, but did not address them completely. We are working with Convers Digital to get another fix to us and hope to have that testing soon.



Ha, funny, I could’t get a response, but pbphoto is worthy! LOL.


Its front panel display is fantastic. Bright, colorful, sharp and crystal clear. I wish PS Audio could also use a similar display in their products.


Pbphoto asked him directly. using the @ symbol and his name.

How do you like the G2…you don’t need the bridge ii using that.

I’m not much using my bridge much anymore. Music sources are a microrendu/ultradigital via I2s or Bryston BDP-1 via USB to my DSJr.


I was supposed to get it today, ups failed to deliver, get it Monday.


I recently bought a Auralic Polaris mostly for the streamer & DAC. Polaris also has an amp section. Unfortunately, the thing smoked itself (amp section failure) in the first week and I ended up returning it. It sounded really good when I tried it, bummer the amp section failed. The Polaris is a couple steps down from the G2.


I bet it sounds better with no display at all though.


Update: ihave purchased a bridge 2 by now and issue is better now. Must say i really appreciate the sonic improvement compared to the bridge1!

We enjoy our music even more and rediscovered some old tunes with better sound than ever!


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