Bridge II

After using BI from the start I was wondering what other people think of BII. I put mine in yesterday & was quite impressed by how easy it was. I didn’t need to make a static ip though I did reserve an ip address for it on my router. It was stable right from the start. I did get a few drop outs at first but this seems to have rectified itself. Just leaving it over night seems to have made it “settle”.

With BI it seemed an imperative to apply a static IP. Although this worked well there were many times it needed a reboot & at times I had to turn everything off & start again.

I will run BII for some time to see if there is an improvement in SQ. Even now my favourite female vocals seem much improved. Good stuff!

One thing I liked about BI was it had a browser page which allowed me to modify settings without doing it on the DS screen. IMO this should be added to BII ASAP. I have read that other people would like this as well. So, if possible, please do it.

In general, after one day, a big happy-048_gif

While I’m at it, why are PSA power cords so tight fitting? Superman would have trouble putting them all the way in!

Oh, one other thing I am chuffed about is that dsf files now load and play much quicker. Almost as quick as flac etc. This is a bonus I was not expecting.

Bll is stable for me too without static which I had to use on Bl. I’ve noticed the same on the cord connectors, mine is close to falling out.

Unfortunately it is not possible to add a web page to the bridge II like I did on the bridge I.


rogerdn said Bll is stable for me too without static which I had to use on Bl. I've noticed the same on the cord connectors, mine is close to falling out.
rogerdn...what do you mean by "cord connectors"

Probably should have said the recepticable for the cord, it’s ok for stocks but have a problem with my upgrade which is a bit heavier.

I found leaving BII on DHCP and reserving an address in my router for it seems to work best so far. After about 24hrs it sounds terrific. I had a good listen yesterday and I must report that compared to BI BII sound a lot better. Whoever voiced it to sound the way it does deserves numerous pats on the back.

In my system the DS/Bridge II is by far the best digital front end I have ever heard. Gotta be happy with that!laugh

Test posting to see if I can get this to stop showing up as “New”!

Edit: Phooey, didn’t work …

Edit II: Ack! Now this post is showing up twice in the list of recent posts. I’ve created a time loop! Someone call the Doctor! (Sorry too much Doctor Who the past week)

Dr. Elk. Paging Dr. Elk.

Looks fine to me. What am I missing?

Everything is behaving normally for me.

Perhaps clearing your browser’s cache will help.

Can anyone see a post by “dawkinsj” from six days ago? For the first time ever I have a post which regardless of how many times I view it kept showing up as “New”, yet there was nothing new in the last two years. A couple of other folks noted the same problem with the post in another thread. In the interest of science I did an experiment, I posted to the thread. My post showed up, but the thread came back as having something “New” next time I refreshed the website., but there was nothing new To make matters worse the thread showed up twice in the list of “New” posts. That’s what I’m talking about. Now if someone else is seeing something else, please tell me what you see after post #6 by Rossop on 12 November 2015.

Elk, not sure how refreshing the cache would effect just this one thread, but that’s a last resort for me. I don’t Iike losing my history.

I understand the reticence. I have found clearing the cache solves many random issues however.

I have not observed any untoward random forum behavior. As multiple people have I suspect a cause on the forum end. I have no clue what it might be however.

If you access the forum with a different browser do you still experience the issue?

I think many of us were shown that thread as new. I assumed that there was a glitch when someone deleted their own new post there. I did delete the post of a spammer from that thread a little while back. But I didn’t have any problems with that thread until a few days ago. I pressed the “Mark all topics as read” to get around it.

It did not occur to me that thread cleanup might trigger “new.”

I continually delete spam, etc., as well as occasionally move posts which are in a totally inappropriate thread. These actions may cause various threads to appear as new. But I do not recall previous reports of problems . . .

For the time being the problem is gone. Thanks to Ted for stating the obvious, tap “Mark all read”! I will say I had two versions of the thread showing, one was the recent activity the other the “original” with nothing new. The one with recent activity behaved normally, i.e., it was no longer “New” after I refreshed, the other one required the “Mark all read” treatment to go away.

…Now back to our regular programming …