B1 v B II

I miss the page I could open with B I. I could set up the network configuration easy with B I but now with B II its a lot harder. I keep getting drop outs & I have tried everything I know to set up B II but its not stable at all. Sonics are way better but I just cant see how to make it stable & it angers me no end. Am I the only one?

Can I get any tips on settings that work for you?

A couple of week ago, during a storm, my house was struck by lightning (I think). There was a huge thunderclap which shook the house. I didn’t loose power but it destroyed my modem. I got a newer version of my Netgear DGND 3700. A version 2 rather than version 1 I had before. The v2 wont let me load the backup settings I have for v1.

Like I said I have tried all I know to make it work but no go. I tried rebooting everything and setting the DS on DHCP on and off & I manually configured the settings that worked before but no good.

I use JRiver as a control but when I click on Bridge II it just disappears like all my money!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

If you search my username, you’ll find a series of posts detailing my initial issues with JRiver and Bridge II. I’m a big fan of JRiver and found out it’s complex for a reason. Bridge II handles some items in a non standard way (strict UPnP instructions) but all these items can be solved with JRIver settings. My final couple posts on the issue list the several recommended settings. Give it a try and see if it helps. Good luck!

Thanks amsco 15. (touch wood) It’s been working flawlessly all day. I also love JRMC. I use its Media Network to play the DS/ B II in my main system. It took me ages to (kind of) figure it out but its good for me. & thanks to Gordon for Skypeing me & helping with setup!

  • Please note I use JRivers Media Network to run B II (with Power Line Connecters) & cannot use any other setup.

I am still having problems. Bridge II shows up on the “Playing now” in JRMC 21 but when I click on it the little circle spins for a relatively long time. Then Bridge II just disappears. It will come back and go away without me doing any thing. I have tried everything I know. Static or not etc. It doesn’t seem to matter. The only way I can make it work is to reboot everything. My PC, my modem/router, both PLCs and then the DAC. So I turn every thing off. I turn everything on in this order: PC, router, PLC connected to router, PLC to Bridge II & finally the DAC. Everything works as it should until the next day. I don’t want to do this every day. Apart from it being a pain in the neck I have certain medical issues that makes doing almost everything difficult.