Bridge III, please add support for:

Im suggesting that the Bridge III has support for atleast dsd256 on bridge, or go as high as to add a multi/stereo dsd512 on bridge.

Please, i love your brand, dont dissapoint me :wink:

We will definitely support double rate DSD in any new Bridge product. Thanks for the kind words.

Kaeksen, keep in mind the DS only can handle DSD 128, so there would be no advantage to an input (Bridge III or otherwise) that provided anything above that. Both Paul and Ted have said in the past that DSD 128 is the sweet spot, above that the increased noise negates any increase in resolution from the higher sampling rate. Perhaps the next generation of DS will correct this, but I wouldn’t expect that for a while … a long while.

It’s already difficult to find content in dsd128, I see no rush for higher sample rates… not mentioning the questionable sq gain.

although it cannot hurt to be future proof so depending on the possibilities and cost difference that’s not to completely ignore!

the other hardware feature that would be very nice is a swappable Ethernet interface like in those pro switches where you can choose the plugin module depending on the desired format: cooper or fiber (SFP). That way no additional box and psu for those wanting an optical bridge!

Thx for all the answeres, very informative. Allways good support here, thx a lot.