Direct Stream DAC decoding ('playing') DXD 352 Khz

Am I wrong to ‘assume’ that the DSD will play DXD 352? DXD is PCM so it should right? I want to download this great recording this morning but I wasn’t sure if I needed to go with the PCM 192, or if it’s fine to go with the DXD 352. . .??



The DS does 352.8k PCM / DXD over USB and I2S (but not the bridge, S/PDIF, AES/EBU or TOSLink.)

Thank you Ted. I always thought the Bridge / Bridge-II (was) an I2S interface??

Yep, the bridge to FPGA interface is I2S which does support higher sample rates, but it’s the CPU on the bridge that’s the bottleneck.

Ah. You learn something new every day!! Might that ‘bottleneck’ be the limiting factor that prevents the Bridge from supporting “double DSD?” I wonder if PSA has any plans to address this Bridge/CPU bottleneck. . .

Thanks again Ted. I appreciate all your feedback on the forum. Cheers.

We do, in a Bridge III but work on that has yet to even begin. Lots of planning and thinking but no actual work.

Yike. I hope the people that pay me do not come to realize thinking and planning is not actual work.

Elk, I think there are a lot of people that fall in that category!

Paul, will Bridge III still be a slide-in module like Bridge I & II? I know at one time you were thinking of a separate box.

I hope Biii has galvanic isolation and FPGA so it can be updated as new formats come out.