Bridge Installation Video released

Adding and installing a Bridge is easy but here’s a little video by our customer service manager Alex on the subject.

BTW, you might notice in the background all the cool equipment. We’re storing some classic machines for our friend Gus Skinnas, the mastering engineer. To the left side where it says 48 is one of the first digital multi-track recorders, and owned by the Bee Gees who did much of their recording on it. Directly behind Alex is a three-track Ampex that recorded most of the classic Nat King Cole beauties.

That’s cool.


The pics below are from Wuti, the PS Audio Thailand distributor’s reference listening source. He is fortunate to have a good selection of 2nd generation master tapes that are mind-blowing. If you are in that area you MUST drop in to meet him. [Duke you are closest]

Having listened extensively to music via this deck, and on his various rigs in his well conditioned rooms, I can attest that much of what we crave in musicality and finesse is virtually unattainable until we push our digital rigs to this level of magic. The DAC can only read what is actually there.