Bryston BDP-2 Update

I, like quite a few others here use the Bryston BDP-2 feeding into my DS DAC. I see that Bryston has changed the sound card in current models of the BDP-2 and was interested to know if anyone has upgraded their unit and whether it was a worthwhile improvement?

I have seen positive reviews from those who have, but have not installed the upgrade.

Here is a review comparing the new and old sound cards posted by James Tanner of Bryston:

Note that this is the manufacturer forum for the Bryston BDP-2 with reviews and updates on their new sound card upgrade.

I have been pondering the Bryston BDP-2 upgrade board again and wondered if the problems experienced by some here when connecting to the PS Audio DS two years ago are still an issue with the latest firmwares for either or both the Bryston and Directstream



I do not recall problems others had previously, but I had no problems using the BDP-2 earlier and still none after installing Huron. I do not have the upgrade board.


Thanks for the reply. We have exactly the same setup. There is no issue with the sound. Reason for the question is that the IAD upgrade board is supposed to be an improvement over the ESL Juli@ included in our units. Two years ago, other users on here that upgraded to the new card in the Bryston were having issues when connected to the DS. I was just checking to see if anything had changed in the intervening period.

Not the end of the world if I remain with status quo. :slight_smile:



Ahh . . . thank you for the explanation. It is the new board that you are interested in. I should have been following this, but the multiple threads on the topic must have gotten me turned around. :slight_smile:

The algorithms for parsing S/PDIF, AES/EBU and TOSLink haven’t changed in many releases of the DS code. What happens when, say, the parity bit isn’t correct has changed a time or two, and perhaps what happens iff the bit widths of the source are too far from 50% or 100% of nominal has changed, but that shouldn’t be a problem for properly formatted streams. Still there was another manufacturer which made a change to their software that ended up being right on the edge timing wise for I2S and seemed to work with Torreys and not Huron. As it turned out the bit perfect test didn’t work reliably with either DS release so what really changed was how often the failures happened.