TIDAL on Bryston

Just FYI: The latest iteration of Manic Moose has a TIDAL app. Seamless operation so far…

Same experience here, jah, hasn’t missed a beat through the and sound quality seems to be, well…just what DS makes redbook sound like, wonderful!! Love the perceived synergy that my BDP-2 and DS have together, especially with the Belken Gold; remarkable value (thanks, Ted, for the “steer” on this cable).

I did not know this, even though I just upgraded the firmware in my BDP-2. I need to pay more attention to Moose.


Have you guys added the new Bryston soundcard for the bdp-2?

If you only use USB it doesn’t affect anything reportedly, but for AES its a nice improvement and not too much money. Plus you can pass DSD64 via AES now.

Not yet I, soliver…just too into usb output into directstream from both “sticks” and tidal. In this path, the new card is not active, if i understand correctly, and I am too sold on the DS to spend the money/time on the new card to perhaps be disappointed it was redundant quality, perhaps at the very best. I sure could be wrong…

Soliver, have you done so? I have not.

Yes, I did it soon after a friend upgraded to it as well as I prefer using the AES/EBU connection which is the connection point affected by it.

It gives slightly improved sonics, a bit blacker and a bit more detail, but the real kicker is passing of DSD via AES now. That alone is worth the upgrade price. So now I only need to switch to USB for double rate dSD, which I own almost none of.

Excellent! Quite exciting as the Brystons already work brilliantly.