Bryston BDP-3 with Directstream DAC

I am interested in Bryston BDP-3 and wonder if it can be connected with Directstream’s bridge card from its ethernet port or i2S port from its HDMI port. Anyone have such experiences?

I doubt so. Ethernet is not a peer to peer connection. The Bryston HDMI is not an I2S connection. Neither will work.

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The BDPs are great devices. I have two BDP-2s with IAD and a BDP-1. The BDP-2s are exceptional digital transports. They are built like a tank. The HDMI output on the BDP-3 is meant for connection to an AVR HDMI input, not an I2s input. The AES/EBU, BNC, and USB outputs on my BDP-2 work well. The BDP-1 works fine in Roon ready mode, but its a bit underpowered in the memory department.

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The HDMI on the BDP-3 works with Bryston’s BDA-3 DAC, and perhaps some others, but it is not PS I2S compatible.

The Ethernet connection is for accessing an external NAS and for networking the unit (such as for uploading files to a USB drive connected to the BDP-3 or to an internal drive if you opted for one). It does not stream via Ethernet.


Have you installed SSD inside? If yes, how is sound quality?

No SSD inside. I use a small external SSD on each on them for use with MPD. It will also connect via Tidal, Qobuz, and something from Bryston called B-Radio. (ethernet connection).

IMO, Bryston MPD sounds better to me than Roon RAAT. The Manic Moose firmware is much less refined than Roon.

The BDP-2 with IAD is nearly as good sound quality wise as the BDP-3. One catch, you have to buy one made in the later half of 2015 or later, or buy an upgraded one. The early BDP-2s used Juli cards and were souped up BDP-1s with better memory.

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Cleared and thank you for those useful info

@netspecht-2 brought to my attention my reply was a bit ambiguous.

To clarify, the BDP can pulls qobuz, etc. off the Internet and sends it to a DAC via one of the BDP’s digital outs (USB, AES/EBU, etc.). This is equivalent to the BDP’s accessing a NAS via Ethernet.

But the BDP does not stream/push files to a DAC or a PS Audio Bridge via Ethernet.

I hope this is clear, and I am sorry for not doing a better job the first time.

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I also have a BDP-2, but I just never got to set it up ! One of many audio projects never started !

That’s a pricey piece to be just laying around. Does yours have the IAD upgrade?

No, it does not !

it would cost you about $500 for the kit. I bought mine both with the IAD factory installed. Bryston converted to their own setup mid-2015. The non-upgraded versions are similar to the BDP-1, but with better memory available.