Built a plinth for my Thorens TD-121

The trusty TD-121 in stock form.

Used 3/4" MDF to make templates for the layers, which would be built from baltic birch plywood. (Made templates because I make mistakes, but also thought I might do this again.)

All the templates.

Transferred the templates to the plywood, using a flush-trim router bit to match the profile.

All the layers. Seven of them. 5-1/4" thick.

1-inch walnut for the exterior.

Cut an angle from the bottom 2-3 inches or so with the table saw, just to give it some visual interest.

Clamping the top. I was going to use veneer, but decided to use 1/4" walnut pieces to ensure that I’d have a flatter surface and more sanding thickness. I’m not a veneer expert, so I’ll try that some other time.

Clamps off and sanding like crazy. Rounded over the top edge with the router. Fixed a few gaps using glue mixed with walnut sawdust.

All done. time to add some finish.

Tung oil.

In situ.


Well done. Most impressive!!

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Wish I had that level of talent. Very well done

That’s a really nice job :slight_smile:

One of a kind and beautiful workmanship.

Nicely done.

Do not hesitate to try working with veneers. It is great fun and easy.

Nice work, well done! I think the addition of that slight angle at the bottom of the plinth definitely elevated the form factor.

Send it or a link to the Thorens contact, via their WEB-Site. Owner Gunter Kürten will respond. Thorens is just developing a brand new but very similar vintage looking Thorens DD124, Check it out. DD Stands for Direct Drive, but in same Vintage look, they have the same cast Aluminum Top Made brand new do the DD124.

Your plinth beats their design, I like it, great craftsmanship!