Bummer, tried balanced cables and nothing!

I thought I would give balance cables and try from my Digital link III to my GCHA. The cables arrived today I hooked them up and nothing. I turn the headphone amp up to the max and I can just barely hear something. I called and they suggested one of the components IC’s might not be recognizing the input. Unfortunately my warranty ran out about six months ago and the cost of repair wouldn’t be justified. The RCA connections between the two work just fine. I guess I’ll move the balance cables somewhere else in my system or just return them, Bummer.

I am completely unfamiliar with your gear, but the thought occurs…

Is there a switch on the back?

Or a s/w switch of some sort?

Ofttimes all they will do is take the balanced lines and ground (usually) the minus side to make it unbalanced.

This can completely mess up the balanced side of things.


They are both PS Audio products, a DAC and Headphone Amp. The cables are from Kimber Kables.

There is an input select switch on the back of the GCHA. Switch it to XLR. These are the balanced inputs.

OMG, I just ordered my first set of glasses last week. It’s hard to see behind the rack especially with the cheap reading glasses. I did ask when I called customer service about a switch because I knew my Parasound amp has switches for balanced and unbalanced inputs. I was looking for something more like a toggle switch like on my amp. Not sure why they didn’t ask me about the switch position. Thanks for the help Elk, I should’ve came here first.


The hint was that you heard a very low level signal.

I am very happy it solved the issue. We have all done these things.

We have all done these things.

Yes indeed. Too many times.