Bundle for beginner like me

I finally come to the point that my mini system provides the sounds I like. I did not know some thing like a nice speaker cable could have made such a big difference. I kept thinking I did not need a subwoofer if the bookshelf speakers are good enough. Now I am waiting for an AudioQuest power cable to come. I wonder if PS Audio will consider to bundle a system from cables to DAC & speakers for the beginners like me, so I did not need to hit the walls some many times before I come to this stage.

Well as helpful as I know PS Audio staff are I am sure if you called and got in touch with sales they could work something out for you.

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The recommendations we put together of the AQ cables was based on what we thought sounded good with the gear and where we thought the price point made sense with the price level of the gear. If you call in and have trade-ins, we can always work with you on pricing.

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Hi jsmesh, I ordered a rel t/7x subwoofer, and will arrive on Friday. After you told me to add a subwoofer, I put a mickey mouse one that was being used by a sound bar. It , indeeds, enhances the sounds so much. I just connected the AudioQuest power cable, but I can’t play loud now so I can’t tell the difference. BTW, do I need to turn the volume up when I burn in the speaker and power cables? or I could turn the volume low and leave the whole set running for a few days?

Yes, they have given good recommendations to me, and they did not hard-sell anything to me.

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Great! :slight_smile:

Ha, I laughed at you calling a sub meant to be used with a sound bar a Mick Mouse sub. Some speakers do recommend that they be played at higher-ish volumes to fully break-in the drivers. However, just having current running through the power cable will do the trick. No need for higher volumes for that guy.