Viborg Power Cord

Couple days ago these were 35% off:

Bough one for giggles, and I was shocked how good this cord is. Way worth it even at full price.


Yeah, I got one for my amp last week. Incredible build quality.

Did you experiment with moving around the metal ring?

Mine is fixed right in the middle of the cable, can’t be moved unless I mess with the screws. What did you hear after the cable was settled in? I heard a welcoming warming, fuller bodied sound.

I moved mine after loosening the screws with a small allen wrench. I have read it is best to move it close to the component, so I did that.

As for settling in, that stuff takes me awhile, as I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend, so no 24 hour sessions, unfortunately. Also, I simultaneously bought a Pangea 14 SEmkii for my SACD player, so that is also settling in. I hear improvements each day when I can listen, but it’s slow.

I anxiously await a fuller, warmer sound.

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Thx for sharing, I might try play with the ring myself.

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Did you hear a change in dynamics with the Viborg?

Also, I have read that the Viborg uses a Teflon dialetric and have also read that it can take 300-500 hours to fully burn in.

Here’s the only review I could find of the 1501: REVIEW: Viborg MBU1501 Power Cord Cable - Jon L - Cable Asylum

I only heard the burn in the first two days. Then again, on day three I added something else, and that something else’s burn-in masks the viborg’s further change for sure.

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No, but that’s system dependent.

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I emailed Viborg about burn in. They estimate that it takes about 2 weeks.

That sounds reasonable, are you still hearing changes? My experience is that it depends where the cord is used, it could be very obvious or not so much.

Definitely still hearing changes. It started (with the new Pangea on SACD source and new Viborg on my Yamaha A-S3200) as having solid sound, but congested and veiled. The veil is slowly lifting and the dynamics are slowly improving.

I reach the 2 week point this Monday.


OK, I am now over 525 hours (not play time, but my class A/B amp on for over 525 hours) and while I suspect/hope the clarity and dynamics likely stull have a bit to go, I am definitely getting a warmer, much fuller bodied sound than with my prior cable (a hospital grade 14AWG Iron Lung Jellyfish cord.) The nice thing is that althought it is warmer, no detail is lost. And I can play a lot louder now than before without any harshness. And when I play louder, everything gets bigger! The soundstage expands, the thickness of the tones, the images, everything is huge and powerful! I only wish I didn’t live in an apartment, for I’d be playing it a lot louder.

That’s great to hear, from what you are describing, sounds like this cord works even better on amps than sources. I uses mine to feed the PSU that feed my streamer. Guess I’ll play around with it with my amp. Or, keep an eye out for more Viborg sales. Can’t loose at the sale price.

Yeah, I bought a new A-S3200 Yamaha amp a few months back. I was using a 14 AWG hospital grade cord on it and figured out one day that it was not enough to really get what my amp can deliver. I found this out by swapping a 12 AWG Cullen Cable and I immediately had a fuller sound and great dynamics and bass slam! So I looked on amazon and found the Viborg, which is a 11.773 AWG cable* and ordered that.

Then I wanted to upgrade my source power cord and chose the Pangea 14SE mkii, which they also had on amazon, so there was no risk. It is lighter, more flexible than the Viborg, so it works well for me. Both cords are sheilded, something I didn’t have with my old cords.

*I found this by calculating 6 conductors at 19.5 AWG each, info I got here:

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Thanks for the link, looks like it’d be a bi*&^ to hand terminate this cable with a decent plug. Not my type of DIY, speaks even more to the quality of the cord for the price.

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