Cable Fight Club at Axpona

You know what I would like to attend, and this may be a wild idea perhaps stemming from too much alcohol last night and too much caffeine today. So this crazy idea may only sound good to me.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a secret cable shootout / comparison / audition night at AXPONA 2017. Sort of a cable “Fight Club”, but without the punching, blood, and violence of course. None of the cable manufacturers or dealers would be invited. We would have to adhere to the 1st and 2nd rules rule of “Fight Club”. You do not talk about Fight Club.

I’m thinking maybe the Chicago Audiophile Society could get a room, set up a small but revealing system, provide some snacks and beverages, and then who ever comes has to bring speaker and / or interconnect cables from their personal collection. We can take turns listening and comparing cables. 3rd rule of fight club, if someone says stop, or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. Meaning no arguing or hard feelings. As with Fight Club the general public will never know the outcome.

Far fetched I know, but fun for me to think about.