P20 placement: does it matter?

Just wondering if there’s any sonic improvements by keeping the P20 as far away from components hooked up to it? Obvious I could try moving it away and see myself, but that would require dismantling my whole rack and that’s not an easy job.

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Great question,

Are you experiencing any sound degradation with your P20’s current location?

If not…you are probably good to go…

But do consider the following as guide…

How much space do you currently have beween your P20 and adjacent

Years ago probly still true today…that 6" or so between a large power amp and
sources given the possible magnetic field from the amps power transformer.

My previous amp a Denon POA 2200 stereo amp sat about 8" below analogue sources and about 18" diagonally upwards to other digital sources.

Now I realize your P20 is a behemoth power wise and weightwise… so things in this regard may well be quite different.

I have a much smaller P12 sitting about 10" below analogue sources without
any hitches…My new power amp is a Parasound A21 comparing with my former
Denon POA 2200 the A21 is a monster…

Hope this helps you sort things out…

Best wishes

Actually best for the experts to chime in with their knowledge

I used to use cheap or stock power cables. I now use 1m AC5s throughout (AC5s are fine in a 240v country I think). I’ve two P10s. Surely if you have the regenerator(s) more than, say, a couple of metres from the components you’re seriously limiting yourself in terms of choice of power cables (which start to get very expensive).

you are so right …judicious placement of hiendmmoe’s P20 is important not
just for reducing possible interference induced by the P20’s power transformer,
but as pointed out longer lengths of power cable gets very expensive…in my case
not because of my much smaller P12, but rather of where my A21 powr amp has
to be placed…requiring a 2 meter run to P12…thank goodness my Pangeas
are very reasonably priced that this length was very doable…

As with all these things ymmv…

Best wishes