Just buy lots of Power Regenerators?


New to site, have a 2 year old PS 20 power regenerator.
I have always used various types of well shielded high gauge power cables with quality plugs, some with a name brand (no top end) some generic. Never use an OEM cable in my chain.

I figured if the shielding is good and the gauge is generous I’m hopefully 90% there.

For my Music listening 1 need 7 Power Leads and 1 for PS20

The distance between my speakers and placement of the subs means I require 2 by 4 metres and 2 by 2 metres lengths of power cable to connect to my PS 20

If I drink the ‘cool aid’ (not sarcastic because I’m seriously considering) or if you prefer take the ‘blue pill’, and embrace the high end Power Cable market place, I would be better adding a couple of PS 12’s in my system so I can have 4 by .5M or .75M lengths (instead of 2 by 4m and 2 by 2m) cause its much less expensive to achieve the quality objective of the power cable up grade.

Seems unnatural that a beautifully engineered power regenerator is cheap compared to premium high end power cable.

Just saying guys…

Using 2 points for Devialet 1000 amps, 2 for Martin Logan Expression 13A
2 for my 2 Martin Logan Balance Force Subs, 1 For my Roon Nucleus.

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The quality of the power cable is far more important than the length.
But even with cheap cables, I doubt you can hear the effects of 4m length.

A relatively inexpensive long power cord on a P20 versus multiple P12s with short expensive cords maybe a wash. Is your rack the issue? Can’t you go up in height to get P20 connected closer to equipment or is it a 20 amp service outlet? Routing new 20Amp Romex might be more reasonable.

I found a AQ Dragon HC to be a big leap in sound over cheaper aftermarket cord. The P20 with a cheaper power cord can sound better by adding some 3M AB7050HF RF /EMI absorption where display and Toroidal transformer add noise that muddy clarity that is a cheap tweak with or without expensive cords. But bass is best addressed with high end cords. Everyone says P20 is so much better than P12s. I never had a P12. Id run subs without P20.


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