Balanced Interconnects

There are old threads, but looking to see what others are currently using; XLR from BHK Amp(s) to BHK Pre, and Pre to DSD. Has anyone sprung for the AQ Fire? Or AQ Water?

I bought two pairs of AQ Columbia XLRs, which were the predecessors to Water.
No complaints… and I bought them at about 1/3 of their retail price.

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Iconoclast OFE XLR from BHK Pre to BHK300’s, Siltech XLR from DSD to BHK Pre and Iconoclast OFE Speaker cables.


My system isn’t 100% PSA. But I do have a BHK Pre, plus a Bryston BDP/BDA-3 digital front end and a Pass X250.5 power amp. All Cardas Clear Sky XLR ICs end to end. I’ve used AQ (XLRs) in the past, but I keep coming back to Cardas. It’s a ‘house sound’ thing and for me the current Cardas lineup is the most neutral overall ever without sacrificing what I’ve always valued most about Cardas, absolutely grain free midrange. No desire to switch to anything else.


Initially, I used the AQ Water XLR interconnects between my BHK Pre and BHK 250. I’'ve since replaced them with a pair of Morrow Audio MA7 XLR interconnects. I found the soundstage with the latter to be better defined with slightly greater transparency. If considering the Morrow line, don’t be put off by the MSRP prices on their web site as they almost always have a sale running that knocks at least 45% off those prices. Additionally, they have a generous trade-in and audition policy.

VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati. (Bought at a discount via VooDoo Cable some years ago; these things are excellent but not cheap!)

Iconoclast Gen 2 TPC XLR from DSD to Parasound JC-1+ amps. 8-ga. one-foot jumpers to upgraded Apogee Duetta Signatures.

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High Fidelity Cables CT-2 XLR’s directly from DSD sr. to PASS 30.8.

Between BHK pre and BHK 250, 14’ XLR Furutech FA-aS22 with Furutech connectors made for me by Douglas Connections.

Siltech SQ88 Classic G5 MKII XLR from DSD to Audio Research Ref. 6 & Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Reference Diamond XLR to Audio Research Ref. 75 SE

I’ve been very pleased with my Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Balanced Interconnects.

Audio Envy’s O’nestian from DSD and Stellar Phono Preamp to BHK Preamp to BHK 300s.

Iconoclast UPOCC Gen 2 XLRs from DSD sr. to BHK Pre and same from BHK Pre to BHK 250.

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Interesting but not unexpected, 12 replies and no duplicates. I see three different Iconoclast offerings and only one AQ.


Iconoclast OFE.

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Red River and Mackenzie XLR and a pair of Golden Gate RCA’s.

Audio Sensibility- Signature (occ) Silver XLR and RCAs and USB

Iconoclast UPOCC XLR DACSr to BHK and to BHK 300’s.

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Mackenzie XLR between Stellar GSD and M700 monos.

Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference XLR (unshielded version) between BHK pre and BHK 250.