Cables can be Expensive, Where to Save?

I believe that an inexpensive pair of 12v trigger cables can have no impact on sound quality, $9 on amazon. Used or DIY could possibly be made cheaper. Does anyone have a counter opinion?

Are there other areas in a system where money can be saved without effecting sound quality?


I think your question needs more context. Asking where money can be saved without affecting sound quality depends on the resolving capabilities of your system. The more resolving your components and speakers, the more everything matters in terms of the final result. That aside, one area I have found to be an effective for saving money is to buy high quality bulk wire and connectors from firms like Furutech, Neotech, DH Labs, Vampire Wire, etc. and construct cables yourself.


DIY cables can save you money. I don’t think you should have any issue with trigger cables though, since they are designed to trigger power up, power down signal. As long as they don’t mimic antennas. I’ve never had an issue using the old cheap Radio Shack jobs.

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If I’m not mistaken, they only conduct a signal when requesting on or off not continuously. I use Amazon bulk packs of mono cables. There’s no impact on sound that I can hear.

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Triggers usually hold a voltage up to keep the triggered device on. Drop the voltage to zero and the device turns off. They are a potential for a ground loop (design dependent).

I would save money on subwoofer connections.

Not a refutation or argument but why do you believe that? I’ve found that with sufficiently resolving systems, almost anything can matter.

All cables are for all intents and purposes, fixed equalizers. Buy a quality EQ and you never have to spend money on cables again.


Whilst I don’t completely agree, it seems many choose different high end cables to alter the tonal balance.
I would specify competently made, with good quality cable and connectors, but without worrying about e.g silver, or litz wire. The thread on here for iconoclast cables, whilst sometimes overly technical, has some good overviews of what matters and what doesn’t.
After that, buy a decent eq if you want to change the tonal balance, and use it very sparingly :slight_smile: