Cables for new room - question

I am in the design phase of my new room. I have posted in the past my room is dual purpose room. I use my 2.1 for music and movies. I use a JL CR-1 and preamp bypass to do that. In my old room before I moved, I had the 2 ch equipment up front between speakers and ran a long XLR run to the preamp bypass input. In the new room I can do the same, but I have space for a nice wide tall rack that I can access from behind. I would like to put all but the mono blocks in the rack. But that means I need very long (30’ or 10M) runs of XLR that would be used for both movies and music.

Am I crazy on doing that? Should I just keep 2 ch up front will all short runs and leave the long run only for HT?

Long XLR runs are no problem at all. Unless you’re using the most expensive brands and then it’s pretty pricey

Price is part of my decision too. Long run of good wire is not cheap. Not going Stealth but I may go cheaper until I can afford the better brand as new house changes has me a bit budget tight.


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Brian, In my old room, I made a nook on the right side ahead of the speakers for the equipment. It worked well.

On the new one, I also have a nook with a door behind from which I can access the back of the equipment. Super handy. I had to run 32’ of cable to the amps. In my case, I had to run RCA since my speakers use a servo controller which only uses RCA. Have not had issues with noise even at that length.

For cost reasons I went with custom Blue Jeans. Excellent quality and termination. No regrets.

So I have all sources and on the back right corner with the servo and 4 amps between the speakers.

It works great except that I can’t see the volume level without looking back and, i had to use an RF type remote with a repeater.

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@brian.fitterman, I recommend the same, if you can configure it, for speaker cable length considerations. Limit the XLR runs to the amps as well IF you can, but not likely a material issue like speaker cabling can be.

Have fun.

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I have come to believe thru my standard WAG method that interconnects can be the most influential cables in a system.
I would answer your question with the best quality ICs that your budget will allow and if shorter helps you get there, so be it.

I think 5m pair of V-17 lists for $87000.00

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I can squeeze in a .75M for M1200, but not for any bigger amps. Wait! Sakra 17 don’t come in that length.

Products like the BAV XLR offer superb electrical and durability for long runs. XLR can go 120 feet. Shorter is better, but balanced op-amp driver circuits can manage the reactive electrical really well. The BAV XLR are made especially for long runs common to pro deployments where both optimal electrical and durability are necessary. Yes, it is a crazy good design…and a remarkable cable.

Go here; BAV Cable — Design Notes – Iconoclast Cable

You’ll get the full monty on the design science and a study that is made exacty for your application to maintain fidelity, cost, durability and value. You should research cable’s close to this and you’ll be fine. I doubt you’ll find the combination of physical and electrical, both, but if you keep them safe, you’re good for 30’. The BAV XLR can tolerate rougher handling by design and maintain crazy good electrical.



The BAV’s are a really, really good value for money spent. I had a set of 32’ long before buying my Iconoclast 32 footers and could have certainly lived with the BAV’s.

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Thanks Baldy, that does look like the best entry level to my new room and I can always upgrade later as funds become available. Frist is build the room and I want sound proofing this time. Sonopan / Sheetrock combination should do it.

For those interested, this is a quick drawing I put together. The Room is pretty much to scale. Stairs down to my new office so we can put spare bedroom back for guests. Movie / Media storage in the corner, and room of course off that. Blue is speakers. I have now one rack up front and large 2 column rack that the back can be accessed from under the stairs.


Very nice!
In our last house I had to run the XLR’s down through the floor and across the floor joists then back up through the floor to the power amps.
The source rack was in a closet behind the listening chair. You will be impressed with the quality and sonic (along with high flexibility). And they will be easy to sell if you decide to upgrade.

Hi Brian, please take a look at the Iconoclast thread and our website.
We are a part of Blue Jeans Cables and offer US produced (Belden) cable assemblies to your exacting lengths at different price points. Sure worth a look. The thread is right here in the cables section. You can’t miss us. Happy to discuss.



My preference:

It’s only money.

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A Porsche over Sakra’s? lol
You won’t be able to talk Barrington Porsche down to $52k like the Sakra’s. A much more attractive price for a pair of XLRS. :+1:t2:

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That has something to say about both products, if you catch my drift.
Pun intended😊


A very different kind of music.

Hello Baldy
Prior to buying 25’ Iconoclast speaker cables, I was very concerned about length. Both Bob and Galen emailed me (Galen with a tech. explanation) to reassure me. Bob mentioned that they had done 32’ for a customer who had no problem and was delighted, so I should not worry. Of course they did not reveal anything about that customer.

But you have now come out, as that customer (I’m guessing). Nice to think that someone I have come to “know” as I read through PS forums is the one.