Caladan - Has anyone listened to them?

New speakers from Clayton Shaw. Saw video on them, simple and aesthetically pleasing. How do they sound?

PS. I ain’t looking to change speakers. Just my daily travels through the internet found these

I will be following developments with interest as well.

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It appears to be the same woofer used in the Spatial Audio Labs X4 Premium but with that Peerless Corundum dome tweeter (instead of the Beyma AMT).

I don’t know the business relationship and sale of the Spatial Audio Brand but this appears to be near identical in concept and execution to previous spatial designs.

Some of the Spatial designs were a little strange in that they appear to be run as a 2-way instead of a 2.5 way and so there would likely be interference vertically in midrange.

I haven’t heard any of the newer Spatial designs but heard an older M3 Turbo and it was quite nice on acoustic jazz and acoustic bass etc.

I do wonder why these dipole guys use high efficiency woofers (that overly damp the bass response in an open baffle) versus a higher Q driver. If you look at the panel tuning of something like a large magnepan, the equivalent woofer would have a Qts of around 3-4 (like the older carver ALS designs). A different woofer approach could extend bass and sensitivity (in the bass) to get down to 25-30 Hz instead of 40 Hz-50 Hz.


It’s first public display will be at CAF next weekend. Ron at New Record Day heard a prototype at his home.


Don’t think that is the same Peerless tweeter from the Sapphire series as that became unavailable some time back with no warning. Don’t know what he came up with for a replacement. I have owned a pair of M3 Triode Masters for some time and they are quite good. Still rotate them in and out of a secondary system with a pair of Nola KO’s. Contrary to popular myth they do like power.

Didn’t sound bad at all considering it’s on utube. $2,950.00 per pair doesn’t sound so bad either…

Well, his website has some photos of old images (with eminence woofers and that peerless tweeter). Now that i look at the youtube video from New Record Day, it looks like a parts express dayton branded tweeter. That’s a pretty solid option for the selling price but I’d be curious to see some measurements.

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At $2,950 worth an audition at their CAF release, according to New Record Day’s Ron Brenay. The Caladan reportedly offers better integration between its tweeter and woofers than the Spatial M3, a Brenay favorite. The review comes across a bit as a hard sell from Ron, just my opinion. An interesting option for the open baffle low power crowd.

Like the PAP’s a different experience than a typical box speaker but work well in difficult rooms. Put them on Herbie’s Gliders and they are easy to move in and out from the rear wall if that is an issue in your house.

My PAP’s prefer the IsoAcoustics Gaia II’s, once position optimized they offer a rather nice sound improvement.

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I agree and the same is true with my Spatial’s but for people that don’t have the option due to family circumstances to leave an OB out 4’ in the floor the Herbie’s are a good alternative and better than the provided spikes. Haven’t looked recently but Clayton was offering Gaia’s as an add on at time of sale so he recognized it too.

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I mentioned thus on Audiogon. I’m wondering how Spatial and Clayton went their separate ways without Spatial requesting a non compete agreement from Clayton. They’re usually for anywhere from six months to a couple of years, depending on the trade.

The new Spatial owners addressed it in their Circle on Audio Circle a couple of days ago. They have no problems with it. Not segment of the market they want to address at this time.

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I ordered a pair. If you’re ever in the Napa area, please feel free to stop by our vineyard for a listening session with some great wine.

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I might take you up on that invitation next time i visit my son at UC.

There is an industrial art studio up in Calistoga that the guy has a set of DQ-10 similar to what daddy had. I have been over twice and listened to a track there. A treat.

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Is Calistoga Roastery still there? Great coffees.

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Yup, same location!

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ErVikingo, we’re in the Crystal Springs AVA, near Calistoga. We’re always happy to host for some great wine and music.

I would love to connect with others into audio in the area. Please let me know if industrial art studio guy is interested in connecting.

Let me try to find his info. I have walked in a couple of times (before going to Lovina for dinner) and rather than looking at his art I was looking at his DQ10s…

Pretty sure it is called: Contemporary Arts Gallery - Calistoga.

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