Campfire Audio Headphones - WOW! Best IEMs EVER MADE!

I know most around here aren’t into headphones… BUT as music and Audiophile enthusiast, I cannot recommend Camp Fire Audio IEMs highly enough… They are absolutely beyond belief amazing! The level of music reproduction of their cheapest headphone (Comet) can only be matched if you spent $20K on stereo equipment, and their higher end headphones, honestly may need 100K+ treated room to get close! The instrument separation, midrange, bass, level of detail, treble, EVERYTHING is amazing!

I have two high open-back headphones (Focal, Sennheiser), but these Campfire audio IEMs seriously rival them, and they fit in your pocket.

I cannot recommend them enough, hand-made in US, incredible quality, fit and finish, etc… Probably one of the best bang for the buck audio products I’ve EVER purchased! I own Comet and Andromeda… different sound, both amazing.

Has anyone else tried these? They have quite a few models, Solaris seems to be best but I have yet to try!



Campfire IEM

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What portable DAC are you using with the Campfire IEM?

I have read a number of very positive reviews of their offerings.

I’ve owned the Fiio M11pro digital player along with their IEM’s for about a year. I’m very happy with this setup. It rivals the Astel and Kern setup at a fraction of the cost. YMMV

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Completely agree that Campfire is awesome. I have the original Polaris, which has a bit of a fat bass, but it suits me perfectly. I like their perspective on building IEMs… The various models are all tuned differently, but they won’t say one is better than the other. It’s just that you might prefer one over the others. If I was more of a headphone listener, I would get the Solaris, for sure.


Audioquest Dragonfly Red! Sounds great!


I was about to buy Polaris, but the heavy bass reviews of it, made me pause. Is it mostly made for Hip Hop, Rap kind of music? I hate bass heavy headphones like Beats… but Campfire must have done it more clinically not to be boomy, or over-powering.

Yup, excellent products all around.

Honestly, bought blindly based on online reviews and I am very glad I did. Made me trust reviewers much more, as many just praise any and all products, but they were bang on with Campfire Audio!

No, the bass is definitely not boomy and loose like Beats. It’s well integrated, and adds a bit more warmth to the music — especially compared to the Andromeda. I don’t think the tuning favors any one type of music, it’s just a preference of mine to have the bass a bit more forward.

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I own a set of CFA Vega 2020s. They are not for everybody. Heavy bass signature. I have to EQ them.

DAPs are AK Kann, and AK SE200.

I auditioned these at the time I bought the Polaris. Super fun bass, but as you said, they are not for everybody, and I couldn’t see myself living with them long term. But again, it’s awesome that Campfire makes all these different models. They are all tremendously executed on the merits of their unique sound signatures.

I had a pair of Solaris IEMs for a brief time. They sounded wonderful. However, it was very difficult to keep them in my ears. Terrible fit. I sold them after about six weeks. Probably the best $1500 IEM though, not that I’ve ever heard any others.

Solaris 2020 apparently made smaller and with better fit. Wish there was a place you could try them for fit.

I don’t know what I just did. I was saying that I’m not sure I’m an IEM person but has a risk-free try out policy so I can always go there for another shot … I did love the 3D “in your head” imaging. It was unreal.