Portable rig showcase

Let’s see those portable rigs!
My light-heavy system running at home now off pc- sounds awesome off iPhone with the CCK too.

Chord Mojo into ALO Audio Continental v5 tube stage- into HD800S, Dan Clark Ether-C, or Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs.

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More portable: Lotoo PAW Gold into Campfire Andromedas


Focal Clear headphones
FIIO M11 Pro has a capacity of 2TB. I’m using a 1TB micro SD card.


I recently dug out my Fiio X5 + Fiio E12DIY amp hooked up to Shure SE846 iems. Such a fun sound.
I have moved on to a stack of other pieces, but it’s so nice to revisit this simple old gear.

Which reminds me, I have a stack of iPods with hard drives. Remember hard drives?


My current fave setup is an LGV30 feeding Shure KSE 1200s. Many stops along the way including a Mojo…


This is my 5th Generation 60GB HDD iPod. It still works. No need to replace as long as it works.
I always carry it abroad.
It has seen China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand in the last 15 years.


My current kit for traveling. Iloud Micro Monitors. 25w active speakers with internal DSP which keeps them linear down to 50hz. Old iEast renderer (current version is called N20). Used for several years in main and then desktop systems. I steer it through BubbleUPnp on my phone. No gapless playback but otherwise a good little unit. If destination does not have good WiFi then the fallback is an xDuoo media player with twin microSD cards and a line output.

Since I dislike headphones over the years I have been through at least half a dozen small speakers. Nothing came close to the iLouds, which give a surprisingly good listening experience in a hotel room.


Anyone using a Chord Mojo2? I have one on the way and I’m debating how to connect to it. I have a Mojo1 and my current sources and signal path are iPhone/iPad to Apple CCK (Camera Connection Kit - Lightning to Female USB-A adapter) to a Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB to Micro USB in to the Mojo1. I can still connect my Apple devices to the new Mojo2 the same way, but I have a new iPad on the way as well and it has their Thunderbolt3 port (USB-C connection). My debate is whether to purchase a nice USB-C to USB-C because the Mojo2 has a USB-C input, or stick with the Micro USB input using an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter (seems like the newer version of their CCK) along with my Moon Audio cable.

I’ll definitely check out the differences when everything arrives using the supplied USB-C cable. I’m just curious if anyone here has a Mojo2 and has heard a difference in sound between the USB-C and Micro USB inputs.