Tin Audio T2 on Massdrop - WOW!

I just received a pair of these IEMs from Massdrop

Oh boy! Talk about value for money… some of best midrange of any IEM I’ve ever heard, decent Bass, and great highs. Fantastic construction and a beautiful headphone cable that doesn’t tangle ever, in a leather case, ALL for $30! They’re sold out, but may come back again and I’d order another pair, they’re that good!

You absolutely can’t find better IEM under $100 to sound as good as these. Just one note of caution, if you’re more of a heavy bass headphone kind of guy, these may not be for you. Anyone else, get one of these (even at $55 on Amazon they’re a great deal) as your phone, spare, backpack IEM. Fantastic find!

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I have little need for iems these days but sure wish these were around 20 years ago for all forms of extreme sports