Can anyone recommend a decent Ethernet Bridge for the PWT

I recently took delivery of the PWT/PWD2 combo, my entry into the expandable future of digital playback.

BTW-Computer wise, internet tunes, streaming digital, etc I’m sort of mentally bankrupt…LOL

No Bridge yet, nor music server, no streaming, (looking into the Mac Mini down the road, but need to do a LOT more homework), right now simple PWT playback, and building up the $$coffers again, however I would like to at least take advantage of seeing music titles on my PWT, and since my router is about 30 feet away, across the corner of the room, would like to use an Ethernet Bridge application for my PWT. Looking to spend up to $100 on a decent unit, can anyone recommend such? I was looking at a CISCO model for about $75, which requires no drivers. Have a Windows base PC.

Hi, jaynemo

For the last four or five years I have used the venerable Cisco-Linksys WET610N. Completely reliable and easy. I have seven units connected through it (via an eight port switch) including my PWT and PWD. It is roughly $50.

Note that I am using it only as you describe, to load album art and titles, upload software updates to other units, etc. I am not streaming music to the PWD.


Such a coincedence, that is the one I was looking at. Tigerdirect has them for about $72.00.

Can you refer a port switch? It would be great to get rid of the 30 foot ethernet cable that is running across my floor for the rug rats X-box! Almost sucked it up into the vacuum cleaner.


Elk, as a follow up the WET610N on amazon is about the price you metioned. However I also saw a 4 plug version by Cisco, the WES610N. I think I will go with this one…that will give me enough capability.

You might consider a bridge that supports 802.11ac in case you upgrade your router to a model that also supports that standard. It won’t really matter for the PWT, but you might want to hang other, more bandwidth-hungry devices off the bridge once you have it installed. My bridge was originally just for the PWT, too, but now every port is filled with networked devices.

Again, being a NEWBICE (this one of my coined phrases for NEWBIE NOVICE), there are only a couple of routers listed that are available for my ATT service (at least thats what the web site catalog states) , and these are pegged as “state of the art 802.11N wireless technology”. Is that the case or I am missing something.

802.11n has been around for quite a while, but it’s adequate for what you’re doing and I didn’t think you had a ‘ac’ router. I was just thinking of future hardware compatibility. The ‘ac’ bridges will work with your ‘n’ router AND take advantage of upgrades you may make to your network later on.

Just buy one of these: I found one on sale for $18 a couple of weeks ago. I know it doesn’t yell out that it is a network bridge, but it is. Couldn’t be easier to set up and works beautifully.

Hi Peanut Butter, et al…

backwards compatibilty understood…thanks much for all comments.

jaynemo said: I also saw a 4 plug version by Cisco, the WES610N.

Yes, a bridge/switch combo like this makes good sense when you know you will connect multiple devices. It is one less unit and power wart.

Happy connecting!

I also have the 610N however I found it unreliable for hirez over 96/24.

I have lesser problems with my Asus Bridge when connected as an acess point.