Get your FREE PWT!

I just received a promotional email from Music Direct…buy a PWD2 and get a PWT for free! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me (note: I have no affiliation with MD other than being a customer and hence on their email list).

This is a special offer being made by PS Audio that is available directly from the company or from some of their select retailers, and Music Direct is one such dealer.

I received the email from PSA yesterday. It is a spectacular offer.

This is quite an amazing deal. Thought I had misread the email. Have both already, but I will spread the news to others.

Is the PWT being discontinued?

radioclash said: Is the PWT being discontinued?

Let's hope it grows a ripper, player and 1/2 dozen usb3 ports. Oh and phono inputs would also be cool.

Phono inputs?

Turning it into a player would take quite a bit, but would be great.


phono ripping as well would make it an amazing machine. imagine cd, dvd and phono rips through a memory lens and i2s before storage. I would have liked this 2 years ago and so would the dealers. Never too late though, just more $$ pressure today.

I bought some great CDs at a garage sale yesterday and although my mini and xld seem to work well, I often wonder if I could be getting better rips.

I’m going to do some comparing of the SQ from HD vs my Theta transport this time.

@radioclash It’s not being discontinued and not growing anything. :slight_smile:

PWD/PWT bundle;

And how about us that dribble over the PWT but already own a PWD…? :-"

This promotion only works in the United States so far - but if you’re in the States and have a drooling for a PWT, call us and ask for Mayoura - she can give you some really great options.

Gordon said: phono ripping as well would make it an amazing machine.

Got it. Phono pre-amp and an ADC. This is getting a bit far afield for the PWT.

Then again, a built in espresso maker would be nice.

Wow, I’d like to be in the US right now! That is an awesome deal and I have to admit I’d love to give the PWT a try! I’d love to get the chance to compare it with my Meridian 800v.3!!! There is also a great deal in Canada at the moment. PartsconneXion is selling the PWD II with the Bridge for only $2995! Sweet deal too if you ask me! Are there great discounts available on the PWTs for those who already have a PWD II or MKII?

Should I be talking to the Australian distributor? I’d be interested in giving a PWT a good home.

So far we’ve only figured out how to do it in the US. I am not sure talking to him would be useful but you never know.

Hi Paul,

i1m living here in europe and i also will have a free PWT :slight_smile:

Who must I conect to get them free?

Best Regards


I don’t believe the promotion is available in Europe. Sorry,

:frowning: :frowning:

wouldn’t take it for free. I’ve gone through two PWT, terrible reliability.

What failures did you experience, especially failures that could not be repaired?

wouldn't take it for free. I've gone through two PWT, terrible reliability.

My PWT has been the most reliable and least fussy CD player I've ever owned. I'm sorry to hear you've had such bad luck with yours.