Can anyone share their personal experience with “Audiophile” Ethernet switches?

I also have an English Electric 8 switch. Not sure I ever heard any improvement with it. It can stay though.


Melco S100 + Plixir LPS + ADOT optical kit. Effective.


to be honest EE 8switch is a copy of a cheap Chinese switch. but with another brand logo on it. you can find pictures on audiophilestyle forum. the same switch is also selling under Silent Angel, Bonn, etc brands.
I used had it for a few months and when I heard Uptone EtherRegen (the same price range) I was really happy to sell EE 8switch asap. it was a day-night difference. I recommend you switch to Uptone.

also, it will be really hard to get sonic improvements if using AQ Vodka (try Diamond at least) and Bridge 2.

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I have the same. Optical into Melco, optical out to Sonore, ethernet to rest. With the Sonore, it already had optical isolation so I did not notice a whole bunch. But I had plans for Airlens, which then was told probably does not need it. It does feed all equipment in the room so its HT gets use of it too. Streaming etc…

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You don’t need another streamer for sure!

Yeah I really dont. the more the Airlens is late the more I think that. My unique situation is that I got the sonore for such a good deal (2200) and I could sell for profit. Plus the banked money for MK1 trade in. So it would be sort of a flip from one to another. Is the Airlens better? same? worse? That is my only quesiton. would l like a matching set of streamer dac, yeah all sliver would look nice, but sound is first. For that reason I would do the 30 day trial and see how it goes. I could then simplify and remove optical stuff from setup. But needed, no.


I like the new LHY-SW8 switch from Jay Audio, but I have not had another switch to compare. It made a significant improvement to my streaming chain. The price is very reasonable too.

Modem——cat8——cisco 2960——optic——cisco meraki——cat8——Mac mini m1——USB——matrix——hdmi——DS lundhall


Yes, I learned about this while doing my research.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I did look at the EtherRegen. The problem was that it’s not available for purchase due to global parts issues; the web site says that the new version 2 will be out this year, perhaps in April. Given the price, I may take a listen to this when I can. I do like having 8 ports, though.

The Vodka sounded better than the cheap cables I used previously; clearly audible even with the Bridge! For better or worse, the Bridge will come out when my DS Mk II arrives. I’m still working on what I will use instead.

I looked at this one also. It’s not possible to use an external power supply, which I wanted to do since I already had the HD Plex.

The Vodka made an appreciable difference for me from the wall socket into Innuos Zen. No switches or routers in the listening room.

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Update to my post #59 above: last night I listed again to the tracks I used after I installed the 8switch. I had several hours on the switch at that point, which I thought was probably enough for a simple device (we’re not talking a DS DAC here, with its famously long break-in period). After four more days, all the tracks were smoother and more subtle; not a huge difference, but noticeable and helpful. Moral: never rush break-in for any component. :face_exhaling: