New Innuos Phoenix Net. EtherRegen on steroids?

I was just giving this a quick look. The Uptone EtherRegen is looking like the ultimate bargain next to this! Obviously the Innuos is built like a tank but $3499?

There’s another even higher priced switch that came out recently, the Telegartner M12. Here’s the quick lowdown …

The M12 Gold Network Switch is $4800 including shipping in the US. This includes 2 x extremely high quality LAN cables using MPF8 Gold connectors. Extra LAN cables cost $695 each.

Darko reviewed it, but I couldn’t work up the courage to read the review. That much for a switch violates my sensibilities. I’m getting more and more frustrated with the prices of the “best” these days. My ears seem to degrade inversely with the performance (and price) improvements of the high end.

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Looks nice but I’ll stick with my SoTM switch.

These ridiculously overpriced accessories are a bad karma. They make this high end hobby a joke.

If you think it’s not a joke, 99% of this worlds population is laughing at the 1% being able to afford paying this amount of money for a network switch.

It is either the above or streaming just sucks and anything behind the streamer must be a waste of money.

The Ether Regen US$ 700 is the absolute high end and for a high end stereo.

I will try to settle for a bargain on a a silent angel N8 switch which probably helps on my NAD C 658. should that improve the sound quality above the regular switch I’ll consider to buy a second one for the M33 streamer in the living room. If not will return it and never think about cleaning Ethernet inputs again.

A 50m reel high quality CAT 8 cable with tinned copper braid (most CAT 8 are Aluminium braided) is EUR 200 at RS components, the Telegärtner CAT 8 high end connectors, made for field connections i.e. easy connection are EUR 20 per piece. Add a 0.5 mm2 drain wire.

With instructions you can find anywhere on the internet you can make your own high end Ethernet cable with noise drain to external low impedance ground for EUR 60, do that for every Ethernet connected device around your stereo and you have lowered noise generation around your system a lot.

You can have you entire house wired like this for the price of one „high end“ Ethernet cable.

I am looking for an Ethernet to Smoke Signals converter.


I have several :wink: Some are commercial and others are my own hard won design. Works with all category of cable, even shielded.

You might see me with a ‘formerly’ illegal smile.


Yes, it’s an Ethernet device that converts money into smoke.


I actually know someone who has the $5000 Euro JCAT/Telegartner M12 switch. He swears it’s an upgrade to the EtherRegen that I bought from him. He’s waaaaaayyyyy down the rabbit hole.


Indeed well shielded self made power and interconnect cables improve SQ also a lot for reasonable money.

Good bulk audio grade cables are available from van den Hul and Furutech. And like the afore mentioned CAT 8 cable with shielded pairs and copper overall braid you can buy really good cables from regular electronics suppliers like RS components and Conrad.

Of course EUR 70 in labour escalates to EUR 700 real fast through the sales / tax and tariff chain.

So if you have the skill and time, this will pay of big times if you look for real high end.

I went also with entry level cables from Atlas, one of the brands that sell for reasonable money and am happy with those.

Dit that money I could replace all three of my central smart switches with the silent angel N16 LPS, also with extra galvanic isolators, 2 galvanically separated 8 port modules (2xN8 each with their own TCXO) and built in linear power supply. Than add a N8 for each stereo separately and still have money left.

Isolating each noise source (Ethernet connected device) seems to be more efficient than trying to filter noise out for only 3 single devices.

But why?
When selecting the Apple TV as HDMI source on my Yamaha AV receiver that is connected to the Ethernet (with regular switches) I am not able to hear noise even at high volume (no music) even with the ears close to the speakers, neither does the music sound fatiguing.

When the NAD’s with BluOS 24bit/192 kHz eventually will arrive I will try the Silent Angel N8. If I or my family can hear improvements, I’ll keep that unit. If not I can’t see the point to keep it.