Can one do this with S300 amp?

I have been seeing a couple of posts on other Hi Fi forums about “Bridging”. This has led me to ask, can this be done with 2 S300’s as I can pick one up in the UK quite cheaply (been offered one), OR is it a much better proposition to go with a pair of M 700’s. Thanks in advance

There’s major drawbacks to bridging any amp. You double the power (as long as the power supply allows for it), but you also double the distortion and you greatly reduce the ability to drive low loads.

M700 is a better amp to start with (and for many, can be an end-game amp). I would HIGHLY recommend saving the money and getting the M700’s. You can always get a single S300 in the meantime; it’s a good amp and will serve you well. Buy it used and I bet you can sell it for pretty much the same money you bought it for…

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this what I thought initially, but felt it better to ask, before I got myself another S300 (I have one already, and its good as is)

In a word, no, you cannot bridge an amp that is not designed to do so. Those designed to be bridged will have a switch that indicates it can be bridged. The S300 does not have a bridging switch.

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