Can P5 front panel logo button and touch screen be disable?


Hi, new to be here, just bought my p5 3 days ago.

It is so amazing, i like it very much! But i have kids at home, they are so interested to press the screen of p5, and they can change all setting or even turn off the whole system power. :p.

Thus, can I disable front panel logo button and touch screen? by website setting? Or some kind of children lock to p5?

Thank you!


Yes, you can disable the screen through the web interface. Make sure the unit is registered with us. Make sure you are registered with us.

Then,on the top right side of the website, where it says “Welcome KevinHo” hold your mouse over it. A list pops out and select “Control”. You should see the PowerPlant and go to it. The rest should be easy, most in the instruction manual.


Thanks a lot for reply.

I tried. i can enter to control, where i can rename items plug into p5 and see status figures. But i cannot find where to disable the touch screen.

Would you pls show me where is this setting?


Well, I was incorrect. Sorry. It was the PowerPlay products this worked on.

You can take the remote control and using the dim button, turn off the display. This does not disable it but it may make it less attractive to the little ones.


Ok. i dim the screen, thanks!

Hope in future there is a firmware update for childred lock. :D


Dear Paul,

i figure it out how to disable the screen. First set all outlet to always on, then turn of the master power. The screeen will be off and no matter how kids touch it, make no difference. :D