Feature request - P5

I don’t know enough about electricity to ask for anything technical, my requests are regarding data and display.

Would it be possible to get the web interface fully functional, i.e. any information displayed, and configuration changes that are made, through the unit screen, be done on the web interface?

Could the display be dimmed to a very low level, or even turned off?

A way to check the firmware that doesn’t involve cycling the power.

And finally, a Confirm option on turning on/off zones. It is relatively easy on the Main screen or web interface to tap the zone on/off option.

Minor point: on the web interface (that I see) the copyright date is 2010.

My layout has the P5 on the bottom shelf, and right at the back of a deep shelf (the combination of the layout of the rear panel and UK 1363 mains plugs with stiff cables). All of that means that if I have to change or inspect anything I have to get in an uncomfortable, undignified position.

The display can be turned off with the ‘Display’ button on the remote. The brightness can also be adjusted, but for this you have to go into the initialization screen (see the owner’s manual). I understand what a nuisance this is since my P5 is also down at the bottom of my rack, too close to a speaker for comfort when I get down to look closely.

Magister is right about the screen dimming. If you need help, feel free to contact us.

In electronics just about anything is possible. Practical is another matter. The web interface is something we’ve left for computers to handle rather than the small screen. The tiny microprocessor in the P5 that runs everything isn’t powerful enough to do a whole lot more than wheat it was designed for. It would have to be redesigned completely to handle that and I wonder how big a benefit it would be for folks.

The remote that arrived with the P5 is not working. I had missed that that the DS remote has the selection of buttons. If I have things correctly; the remote, the front screen, the local html interface, and the psaudio web interface all do or present slightly different things?

Paul, if I have other things correctly, you are wearing an open neck shirt in your psuadio avatar (and all your audio work), but you wear a suit and tie on the author’s bio on paulmcgowan.com. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? More formal at work and more unbuttoned for the creative arts stuff?

Probably so - I hate suits. That photo was taken at my son’s wedding and it was different than the one I normally use. Good catch though!

As far as the remote, I have seen very few not work. We’d be happy to send you a new one if you let us know - and accept my apologies.

There’s things on the web interface you can do you cannot on the touch screen - like scheduling things, changing the way the zones work, etc.