Powerplant P3 - dim display and LEDs


I just picked up a Powerplant P3 and love it! My only complaint is the display and internet connection LED are too bright! Is there anyway to dim or disable them completely? I tried using the display dim command in the Powerplay web interface but nothing happened. This is the one thing keeping the P3 from being perfect for me!


Welcome, tbooe!

The Internet connection LED cannot be dimmed to my knowledge. Perhaps a Sharpie or a bit of tape? Another idea is to buy a set of Light Dims http://www.lightdims.com/ They are cheap and available at Amazon, etc.

Does the remote have a Display button? This should toggle the display to various brightness settings, including off.


Thanks Elk. The remote does have a Display button but nothing happens when I press it. Perhaps my unit is defective then?

I think perhaps the P3 does not have the display dimming feature. The P5 and P10 manuals both explicitly make reference to this feature while the P3 manual does not. Damn…

Edit…more confusion. Is this post by Paul McGowan he clearly states the display can be dimmed. So which is it?..



Nuts. I just assumed the display button would dim it.

Hopefully someone with a P3 (or PSA) will chime in.

By the way, the light dim material can be purchased in sheets and cut to size. It is cheap and easily removed. It even looks good. It may be a great option if the display cannot be dimmed…


Thanks Elk. I just might buy a couple sets of those LightDims as I have trouble with a few bright LEDs on various equipment around the house. I had not seen them before but they are a great idea.



They are great for Noise Harvesters.