Can the BHK amps be run while on their sides?

Next to my speakers I have enough space to put monos on their side but not on their bottom. Is that ok?

That would probably reduce the ventilation to one set of heat sinks, so I would say no to operating on it’s side.


It may work with class D amps but not with any type of amplifier with heat sinks.

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Do you have any way to place the amps on supports that will keep them far enough off the floor to ensure adequate ventilation, when oriented on their sides?

That might work.

Just a thought…

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Maybe a “silent” fan on each one too.

I agree with the others though, thermal/airflow design of the amp will have assumed horizontal orientation.

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You could buy mine and try it out! :wink:


I have thought about, which is why I asked. I am in CT in New England too. If Silver you probably would have had a PM by now.

I can drop them off on the way to New Hampshire. Even the Silver is mostly black. Don’t let that hold you back!

If you put them on there side they may have to face down so it won’t matter. :+1:t2:

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I love that!

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I heard, “silver is the new black”.

Who knew…?

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Maybe @jamesh can replace the faceplates or get you the silver paint for a DIY.

I actually asked PSA about that, they do not do that any more. Too many issues caused.

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I am actually considering this orientation (vertical in lieu of horizontal) for the M1200 amp. It would be great if a PS Audio person involved in the design of the amps would comment.