Can the P20 meters be calibrated?

The PPP is accurate and it cost many times less. It cost nothing to make them accurate.

I’m sorry I even asked. I should have known better.
I will see what tech support says.


PS Audio made the Regenerators solely to offer better sound quality. They put the meters on for entertainment purposes. Perhaps that was a mistake.

Wish I knew that before purchasing such an expensive piece of gear.
If it’s not correctable it’s going back.

Paul has addressed the cost in the past and started the added cost was significant enough that it was not worth it

If one knows the error and it is consistent, just do the simple math in your head.

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Well, that makes sense.
Keep us posted what you find to replace it, with better meters.

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To be honest I’m not impressed with it so far. My amps buzz when plugged into the P20 and sound better when plugged directly into the wall power. When I plug them into the P20 the stage shrinks and sounds very thin. Vocals sound small and I loose all of what I like with my system. I was going to let it break in however after this discussion I am packing it up tomorrow.
I also discovered another issue. There is over 1.5v from ground to neutral on the P20 outlets which is not normal.
I would suggest you all check yours.

Yeesh! Please let us know what you replace it with!

I was happy before I purchased the P20. I just thought a $10000 piece of gear would improve things. Not.

It looks impressive tho. Especially with those entertainment meters. :crazy_face:

I think I’ve read this before here on the forum with another user.

What amps?

I went back and forth over several weeks with my 625 S2. No negative issues plugged into the P20, and no positives either. I left it plugged in for “circuit protection” vs buying another conditioner.

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Audio Research REF160M Monoblocks


Oh, my precious. I really wanted a pair of them, I was sooooo close. Sound aside, the ghost meters are sweet.


They sound so sweet when plugged directly into the wall power. Not so much in the P20. I also tried a pair of inexpensive emotiva XPR 1’s which sound very good also plugged directly into the wall. They also did not sound good when plugged into the P20.

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Thanks everyone for making my decision easier.

Jeff, before wrapping this up for good, please try the Power Plant on source gear only. There are many of us who’ve tried and don’t have our power amps plugged into a PP. It seems the results with power amps are not assured by any means. But, I made many comparisons with my P15, and later P20 on my source gear. The improvement to me is worth any features they made have added as “more show than blow”. :wink:

These sound better for amps.
SurgeX SX-1120-RT

I did. My modified PPP sounds just as good however the meters are correct. And much less expensive even after the upgrades.
The P20 is way overkill for just input gear.

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My Parasound JC5 essentially 2 JC1+ distiled into 1 chassis for stereo
has on various occasions sent my P15 into auto protection while powering up
from standbye…

Have run my JC5 straight to wall and compared with plugged in to my P15
the difference is everything about the sound stage and sound quality plugged into P15 is
much better so remains plugged into P15…

So the old saying ymmv…

Hope it works out for you…

Best wishes

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Audio is a hobby. If any piece of kit does not make one happy, send it back or sell it. Easy.


So true however being told you are wrong about how you feel about a piece of gear is not a good thing especially after asking for help.