How high has your "Improvement-meter" come?

It’s fun to see that your Power Plant make a big difference but it’s sad at the same time to see how bad quality you can have on your AC-power.

Today I had a BIG difference on the AC-quality before and after my P15 and I even had a bigger difference than on this picture but that picture was like my AC-power. It had to bad quality. LOL

How high has your “Improvement-meter” come?
Anyone who has seen the meter go all the way up to 100?

I am not entirely sure of the merits of showing a percentage performance improvement.
I have a P20 and the source distortion read varies from 5.5 to 7.2 %. Thus, I show a near
100% distortion improvement and could would win the prize :smiley:, but all I know is I have
crappy power and the P20 with a good cord makes the system sound better.

Near 100 times improvement, that is.

Yesterdaynight it seemed that I had perfect AC-power a couple of times because my P15’s “Improvement-meter” was on 1x.

Talk about great if we always could get perfect AC-power from our walls.