Can the P20 meters be calibrated?

I just received a P20 last week and notice the distortion meter is out of calibration. It is showing the (in) distortion being 1.5% lower than what it actually is. The out is also showing about a half % lower.

My professional distortion meter has been calibrated recently.

House distortion = 7.8% . P20 showing 6.2% in
P20 outlet = .64% P20 showing .3 with load.

Still burning in and tweaking for my system.

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I’m interested in this as well.

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What make/model do you have?

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I doubt the meters are lab grade instruments. Maybe just recalibrate your expectations? I see a large relative difference between input and output on my P20 and I’m happy.


Even my old Powerplant premier can be calibrated. I have several that I have rebuilt better than stock.

I have several. I just had my BMI 155 calibrated.

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I’m glad your happy however that’s not what this topic is about.

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My understanding as well has been the power plant metering was not intended to be instrument grade, or calibrated to NIS. It was to provide for a visual impression of the general improvement offered by the Power Plant. The idea being when listening buddies stopped by one could point to the new “toy” and say lookee here! Similar to the power meters on my Luxman 509X, more show than anything else, and normally extinguished.


Yes, Paul has noted multiple times the meters are for general reference only.


That would be a deal breaker for me. It should be at least close. I calibrated my Power plant premiere and it’s accurate enough.

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Nice! As long as a sonic benefit results Im ok without the metering. Now there may be room for improvement regrading calibration of the metering by PSA staff. They should at least maximize the capability of that which they provide.

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Lets hope so. It only takes about 30 seconds to calibrate the PPP.

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Given that it already existed in a previous PSA product, I wonder why it was dropped? Probably not much in the way of NRE cost to get it to work in the new Power Plants. :thinking:

I’m not sure it cannot be calibrated, I’m waiting on PS Audio tech to confirm.
I might be alone however paying that kind of $ for a piece of gear and it’s meters are not accurate?

I’m guessing not a lot of folks in the audiophile community have calibrated THD meters for measuring power. Probably a feature vs. user confusion / customer support tradeoff.

I don’t know however I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.
They made such a nice product and the power Play charting interface is awesome to keep track of your power. Then not make it at least close to being correct. I could understand if it’s a couple points out however 1.5% is not small.


Hey jk…don’t miss out on a good thing simply because the power plant’s
meters aren’t exactly 100% perfect like you might expect a dedicated bench

Occasionally I look at the meters but for me are not the main attraction…
when I do look at the screen chart and compare incoming vs outgoing thd
that’s what gives me a closer view of what my P15 is doing.

Great question though…hope you get the answers you are looking for…

Best wishes

I’m not expecting them to be lab quality and never stated this however 1.5% out is not good enough. Sorry. I refuse to accept this amount of error and will come up with a different solution if this is not correctable.
Sounds like you don’t use the Power Play interface like I do.

The meters are amusing but it never occurred to me they are anything other than an approximation. The added expense of making them more accurate would be misplaced.

My focus is on the sound, not on a list of numbers.


Why would PS Audio go through the time and trouble to put them on their product and create an interface to chart inaccurate info is beyond me.

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