Can you hear the difference betwwen 0.1% and 0.2% outgoing THD?

Appears i may be on the right track with GIK. Thanks!

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I have three GIK diffusers borrowed from a friend. There is no question in my mind that they help a great deal in my non-symmetrical listening room. The left side has no wall. The right side has a wall six feet away. The diffusers even things out nicely.


I have a similar situation, with one wall of glass. Seems a call to GIK is in order. I have tried Room Tunes floor standing diffusers/absorbers at the first reflection point which do help, but GIK seems to be a more elegant solution.


Prior to Covid Glenn at GIK more often than not delivered before the stated time. He has made no bones that Covid has not only caused him materials issues but also issue with employees in total but also with how many he could have working on the floor at one time so a slow down in production capacity per day. On top of that audiophiles who would usually be working during the day were sitting home and ordering things that they may have not normally ordered. My last two orders took longer than before but that was expected as I have long followed their sub-forum on Audio Circle. GIK’s prices are more reasonable than many of the others so a small wait was worth the savings,


I set up my GIK corner Bass Trap. My listening room is similar to Al’s with one L/h speaker 7 foot tall line array close to wall boundary. The other is R/H side is next to wall six foot door bass suck out. Luckily for me the quantity of drivers and the 12 inch size can still pressurize the room. Amazing the difference to sound stage. Room Perfect is stupendous for Room Correction and really helped previously. But as good as DSP is, its no substitute for acoustic panels. Together eith better room balance it is just incredible.

The supplier of the gray elm diffuser plates for GIK is changing material. Meaning 2 month delay. I changed order to a white plate for the leaf diffuser. Luckily it still works for my decor color scheme. I plan on using it for a 8 foot tall first reflection absorber and diffuser of tweeter and mid driver arrays. I am hoping it cures the 500 HZ bump I have. Roger Russell the XR290 speaker designer felt the wall proximity was likely the issue when i shared an RTA plot. He spent much time in a anechoic chamber and a reflective room developing the system. I wish I had bought panels sooner.

GIK Has there CNC machine down for parts. The machined Quadratic diffusers are delayed. Those look interesting even if they don’t work one can stare at them.

But overall from just initial assessment, I say room acoustics are a better investment than cables for really changing sound. Together they are monumental. Used with DSP they are better sound than I thought possible. I feel I am just learning how good my equipment selection really is, in fact a jaw dropping difference.

I did not use GIK sales people. I already had a good idea of room shortfalls from taking RTA measurements with 3 previous speaker systems. I really wish i had bought panels sooner for the bass suckout and room boundary first reflection.