P15 THD, sudden rush!

So this is a weird thing I discovered today. I usually don’t look very often on the Powerplay dashboards of my P15, but since a nuclear power plant was restarted yesterday I thought, out of curiousity, that I should see if there was any noticable spike to be seen. (There wasn’t…)

Instead I saw that incoming THD was 1.5% and outgoing was 4%!! Well, that is NOT how it usually looks, right. Incoming around 2.5% and outgoing, as we know, at a steady 0.1%…

I also thought that, hmm, that is probably why I haven’t really recognised the sound the last few days, without being able to pinpoint the reason. A bit distant and un-focused.

Restarting the P15 solved it, back to normal. Phew… But has anyone else seen this before? @jamesh any thoughts, our PSA guru…?

My P20 and system sound was different in TX last night. All the electric heat draws with temp going from 70 degrees to low 20s in hours. Though the incoming distortion is raised another 1.5 percent the outgoing was the same at 0.1. But I have heard different sound before during raised grid distortion events. Degaussing does not improve it in such periods of raised grid draw for holidays or weather events or lunar disturbances that affect solar emissions. Our ears can be sensitive to changes.

We had a series of rain storms in Bay Area for the last couple weeks (we really need it). My system just did not sound right in the last few days. But I do t know if that was due to my mood or was due to higher humidity in the air. The P15 THD output is constant at .2%.

Glad the restart fixed it! I wonder if the restart of the power plant caused something with the phase and the phase tuning was off. Just a speculation.