Can't connect Sprout100 Bluetooth to iOS 13

Hello everyone, my new Sprout100 arrived this morning. It sounds amazing!

Pairing with Bluetooth on macOS Catalina was instant (SPROUT100 connects using Active Codec SBC) – but I can’t connect using any iPhone or iPad.

Other Bluetooth enabled devices are listed on my iPhone/iPad and they connect fine. The iPhone and iPad are only a few feet away from Sprout, Bluetooth is enabled in iOS settings, and restarting all devices did not help. SPROUT100 is not listed on the iPhone or iPad, but other Bluetooth devices are listed.

I wondered if Sprout can only broadcast availability to a single device at a time, so I disabled Bluetooth on everything except my iPhone, that didn’t help either.

Any advice?

I’m running iOS 13.3

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You may have already tried this but turn the phone completely off and restart it. The Sprout we have at the shop connects via Bluetooth ok in the newest OS.

Thanks for your reply. It’s still not connecting for iPhone or iPad, but it Bluetooth connects on Manjaro Linux and macOS.

I have switched to wired USB 2.0 which should sound better anyway.