Sprout & Apple TV

I got my Sprout as a Kickstarter backer. I’ve been really glad to have the backer experience work out so well. We’ve been pairing our laptops with the Sprout via Bluetooth to watch movies and streaming television and have gotten solid performance in terms of audio and video syncing.

We just got a new (4th gen) Apple TV. I chose the new Apple TV over the 3rd Gen as it has Bluetooth. We’re able to get it to find and pair with our JBL Charge, but haven’t had any luck pairing it with the Sprout.

To the community: has anyone else been able to get their new Apple TV to pair with Sprout?

To PS Audio: I’m wondering 1) why it’s not pairing (oversight on my part, mismatched Bluetooth protocols?) and 2) if there isn’t an easy fix in place, is there any chance this being addressed with a firmware update?

Thanks so much for the excellent product. We’ve loved it for the past year - hopefully we can get it to work with the new tech!


I haven’t tried the new Apple device but will endeavor to do so. Sprout’s firmware can’t be upgraded so that’s not going to be fixed, whatever it is, via an update. Sorry.

Thanks for the response! We found a good solution - this bluetooth transmitter faithfully connects to the Sprout, streams audio that syncs perfect/near perfect with video, and has the added bonus of connecting to the audio out of our projector, so it handles all A/V inputs (Roku, laptop, etc…). Maybe they’ll update the Apple TV bluetooth protocol in the near-future, but in the meantime, the TaoTronics does the trick!

Hi, I wonder whether the current Sprout100 can be paired with an Apple TV generation 4 via Bluetooth. Does anyone tested it?

Thanks, Torsten