Captcha Issue when attempting Octave SACD order?

Received Paul’s email this morning announcing the availability of the new “Mini Brazilian Beasts” SACD on Octave. When trying to place the order, it fails to complete due to not completing a Captcha drill. I was never presented with the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to identify traffic lights, trains, stop signs, etc. Tried a different machine with the same result. Anybody else having a similar experience?

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Try to sign out of the PSA site, flush the browser cache, close and reopen the browser, start the order over. Hope this helps!


Thanks Baldy - I tried the suggested steps but, unfortunately, the inability to complete the order due to not completing a reCaptcha remains. Unless others have successfully placed an order, I’ll try reaching out to PSA customer support later this morning. I’m suspecting something may be misconfigured on their end.

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Everything worked for me. No request for captcha.

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Thanks for the data point. By chance did you use the Amazon checkout option? That’s what I’ve been trying to do and everything appears to be nominal. I’ll try entering my CC directly and see if that makes a difference.

I used the PayPal option, but I was able to log in to PSAudio just fine.

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Thanks again. I’m not having an issue logging in or otherwise preparing the order whether Amazon checkout, PayPal or a direct CC entry. Everything is fine until I hit the “Complete Order” button and it doesn’t succeed due to not completing a reCaptcha exercise. Nonetheless, I appreciate your feedback. Sounds like it is an issue of some sort on my end. I’ll call the Sales folks later and place an order the old-fashioned way :blush:

I got in touch with PS Audio Sales and spoke with Spencer. He acknowledged that this is an open issue on their end and that they have an engineer focusing on it. Apparently, it doesn’t affect everyone. In any case, I placed my order over the phone and suggest any others experiencing this issue do the same.


Sometimes using a different browser will work, too.

Well, I thought I placed my order successfully (some 2 hours ago) but I’ve not received an acknowledging email from PSA or PayPal. And my emails to PSA service bounce back. Is it the end of the world?

Yeah, the dang Captcha thing is a necessary evil of sorts. It does a great job of keeping bots out of our site but apparently keeps real people out too. Unless you all are robots too… :robot: :robot: :robot:


I got in mixing between Safari and Firefox. My order got acknowledged so I figure it is ok. Having done comm software maintenance in the far past ( ~1975 ) I try to have some patience. In my experience, PS Audio has been pretty good at getting things straightened out. And the quality of the Octave releases I have gotten have certainly been worth the hassle.

if you use a mobile device turning your display may help…