Unable to Activate SACD layer on Brand New SACD Transport

I ordered the PS Audio Perfect Wave SACD transport in January 2023. I got it delivered yesterday by the distributor. On installation by the technician of the distributor, I discovered that it could only play CDs and not SACDs. I could not activate the SACD layer!

The command wheel on the machine seems to have been wired wrongly or there was a software glitch which prevented the SACD layer from activating … in a brand new machine!!

The technician of the distributor tried and he could not do so either and the machine was returned to the distributor (within 4 hours). It was confirmed today that the machine was defective and the distributor has written in to PS Audio for a replacement.

This is just so utterly disappointing. The question must be asked as to where is the quality control that one would expect of a world class producer of high fidelity audio equipment?

I expect PS Audio to replace (and not repair) the SACD transport immediately. Nothing less will do.


Welcome Deepak.

I know that your first post was filled with disappointment, but I do hope you will stick around. There’s an interesting group of people here with all sorts of gear and a good sense of comradary.

Good luck with your next PST.

Thanks for the welcome @vkennedy61. I wish it was under better auspices.

I think whether or not I stick around will entirely depend on PS Audio and whether they do the right thing or try and stiff me. I am waiting to hear from them. Will update this e-mail trail (and other forums that I am on) so people are aware.

Many here do not have PSA gear. That’s partly why it’s interesting here. Soon I will only have a P20.

PSA has been very good about fixing issues such as yours. Where are you located?

That’s good to hear and gives me cause to hope.

I am located in Malaysia (above Singapore on the map).

It is certainly disappointing to get a new piece of equipment, only to find that it does not work! Sometimes issues do slip through quality control at PSA. But more often, damage occurs in shipping. Even within the United States, many of us have had audio gear damaged through rough handling by shipping companies. I can only imagine that the situation is worse when dealing internationally.

For this reason, you might be just as well off if the unit is repaired — depending, of course, on exactly what the problem is. For example, if a defective circuit board needs to be replaced, it is probably faster and safer for the board to be sent and installed by the distributor. This avoids having an entire unit at risk of shipping damage.

There is a menu setting that controls whether the CD or SACD layer is played when a hybrid disc is inserted. As I recall, the default is for the SACD layer. I assume the technician checked this setting when he installed your unit; I mention this just in case he didn’t know about it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the different perspective @magister . Cools the blood just a wee bit!

However one question I have is that when a part is changed, while the immediate problem may be resolved, will there be other problems that arise which the dealer is not in a position to deal with? Also, is there a hearing session conducted by PS Audio before each piece of equipment (e.g. SACD transport) is deemed fit to leave the factory? If there is, the repaired unit will not benefit from it.

It depends I guess. The easiest way to address any problem is to ship a new product AND to require the shippers to deal with the equipment properly in the first place.

Thanks for introducing nuance into my thoughts / considerations. But the fact remains that I am out of pocket USD7K with absolutely nothing to show for it and god knows how much more pain down the road …

Sigh. Thanks though :face_with_head_bandage:

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Were you using the I2S output?

From the owners manual:

“The pure DSD output on an SACD disc’s master layer is available only through the I2S output. If that connection is not present, the PST will default to playing the SACD’s CD layer.
Non I2S compatible DACs will not reproduce the DSD layer of SACD in order to protect copyright restrictions and restrict illegal copying of the master layer.
If desired, it is possible to toggle through an SACD’s DSD layer and its CD layer if the appropriate and compatible I2S connection has been established. This can be selected via the Menu item: Layer.”


Welcome @Deepak !

I hope you get things sorted out soon.

I don’t have a PWT but this was the first thing I thought of. What connection/DAC?

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Portland, Oregon.


I suppose we should ask what DAC you are using. Does it have a I²S input?

Hello Deepak,
I’m really sure that you will get help from PS Audio! For years I run different gears of PSA and got always competent support, when necessary.

I had also an issue with my PST some years ago. The Player did not recognize the SACD Layer. The Reason was simple: I made the mistake in not setting Layer and Layer Default to DSD. The reason in your case my be completely different, but wait for PSA Support …

All the best,


Yes, I was using a I2S connection. I bought the PSA SACD transport for its I2S connection as I wanted to direct the signal from the SACD transport to an external DAC with an I2S port.

@vkennedy61 @terzinator

It did indeed have an I2S connection. To be specific, my DAC is a Holo Audio May, which I bought specifically to connect to the PSA SACD transport. I chose the Alt2 configuration on the Holo May which is compatible with the PSA SACD transport.


Thank you for the assurance! I did try to set the layer as well as default layer. But with each press of the toggle, it would not switch from CD to SACD, but would instead go to the next command, e.g. from Layer to Default Layer to Network … The technician who deals with this day in and day out, tried it himself and said there is something wrong … this is not supposed to happen …

Thanks everyone for trying to help! Much appreciated. :pray:t3:


Thanks you @Elk ! Hope so too :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Never been to the US. Hope(d) to visit it at some point once I am retired.


Update everyone. My PS Audio SACD transport is back, well and good, after a brief trip to the distributor! They contacted PS Audio and were instructed to flash the software, which they did, and “voila” it was was done!! Such a huge relief, and proof that PS Audio support reaches Malaysian shores too.

So pleased and relieved at the same time :hugs:

Enjoying the SACD player with my listening companion (glass of wine is out of the picture) that evening.

Cheers everyone !!


Congrats! Great news.

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Good news indeed!

What do you think of the PST/Halo May combo?? I’m tempted to go that route but no way to audition it