Cardas clear reflection

Always a fan of Cardas, Went to the Clear reflection speaker cables awhile back. been running Golden Reference interconnects for years. got a deal on a pair of Clear reflection int.( always XLR ) didn’t expect anything to dramatic. put between my BHK amp and Pre. Boom, a nice improvement across the board, I really hear a diff. clarity and Bass. but still that cardas sound I appreciate . Good stuff.


Nice choice. I wanted to try their clear reflection, but budget constraints have resulted in going with Parsec xlr’s from BHK Pre to M700 and keeping 20+ year-old Cardas Quadlink rca interconnect between music source and BHK Pre.


I have half a rack of Quadlinks. Several other Cardas ICs (Neutral Reference, Parsec, and Golden Presence) and several vintage Cardas power cords. Bought most of them used or discounted. Sent them into Cardas for inspection and refreshing. Great cables.

Parts Connection in GTA sells vintage Cardas at a good discount.

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