Softest/Warmest digital coaxial cable?


I was wondering which brand (there are so many!! I’m lost) you would recommend for a cable that sounds warmer/softer/more musical/organic than others?
Think of it like a Cardas golden cross type of sound but with coaxial if that makes sense.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Go with the newer Cardas. Cardas has always been full warm musical sounding, but the Clear and Clear Beyond adds clarity and resolution as well to the picture!

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I was thinking about that but that’s also what worries me, I don’t want too much clarity/treble. I like a denser/fuller/less defined type of sound. I don’t know if the new cardas can do that.

I have tried the Clear and Clear Beyond IC and power cables and I don’t hear them sounding lean and bright. They still sound full and dense with more resolution. I would look toward your other components for your full and dense sound. Your cables should be use to help show what your components are doing.

Cardas ICs are what I use in both of my systems. Cardas power cords for the important stuff. My lower tier gear uses Audioquest power cords.

Absolutely go with newer Cardas. The Clear Light, Clear and Clear Beyond retains the warmth that Cardas is famous for, but with LOTS to details.

Not that the older Cardas are bad, they are still extremely good, but sometimes they “hide” some of the details.

Cygnus (not digital though) is nice too…just picked up a couple of those…Still “breaking in.”

I have a Clear AES/EBU in the mail as well.

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Just my 2 cents.

I pretty much use Cardas cabling throughout my system and have tried most iterations of their cables.

The current Clear range will not give you the midrange bump that the older Golden range does. Clear Reflection does somewhat but is still different. The highs are smoother and more extended though. Golden Reference could sound a bit hard in the highs with some material.

I did not like Clear and preferred Clear Beyond and Clear Reflection interconnects. I used to like Golden Cross over Golden Reference so that gives you some indication of my preferences.

I tried Clear Digital SPDIF and Clear HS USB. Both give you the Cardas midrange magic but again not the midrange bump and fullness of the older range like Lightning 15 or even Neutral Reference digital. I found Clear Digital to have lots of air and space between instruments but was “lean”(er) sounding in my system although that’s all relative. Others have found it to be warm sounding. So if you want a fuller and warmer sound and want to stay with Cardas, go with the older Lightning 15 or Neutral Reference. If you can find them, they sell for very reasonable $.

Overall, I prefer Aural Symphonics for digital. There is a certain musicality and rightness about them. If you can find an older Digital Statement or Echelon Digital, I would recommend it over the Cardas. Unfortunately, they are rarely available used.

For a lesser known brand more popular for their USB cables, you can try Phasure Audio Blaxius. It is full sounding and the bass has an astounding physical presence. Images are fully fleshed out. But the mids are not as sweet as the Cardas Clear SPDIF.

You can also try Transparent Reference or Reference XL but these go for more $.

Thanks a lot for the recommendations !!

So for you the best Cardas for a fuller sound would be the Lightning 15 or Neutral Reference ?
Does the Aural Symphonics sound fuller than the old Cardas?

I’ll check into all of that, also the Phasure Audio could be good if it has a good bass, it should play a huge role to the feeling of fullness in the sound I guess.

You are welcome.

Lightning 15 sounds fuller than Neutral Reference. It also sounds “fatter” for want of a better word and is more resolving. I think you would be hard pressed to find a fuller sounding cable. If you are used to the character of the Golden Cross, it is the digital version of it. It is the same burgundy colour.

No, the Aural Symphonics does not sound fuller than the Cardas. Overall, I found it more musical. It sounds full and bass is very good (slam wise just slightly shy of the Phasure Blaxius). Images are full and dense without being “fat”. There is a good sense of physical space and air around the instruments but it loses out to Clear in this respect - I would guess because it is fuller.

Hope that helps.

If budget permits take a look at the Clear Digital. Comes in AES/EBU or SPDIF RCA. I just picked one up and have been burning it in for about 20 hours. Came yesterday. I upgraded from a Cardas AES/EBU (green) cable.

It’s a very sweet cable.