CD From the Library - DMP Playback Concern!

Hey all,
I just checked out a BUNCH of great cds from my local library. One of the incredible finds they had was the MOFI Gold Cd of Muddy Waters Folk Singer! Can’t believe they had that! Super Rare! Anyway, of course since these cd’s are in a public library the majority of them are scratched like crazy! This of course is giving me major agida about putting these cd’s in my DMP for playback. My question is, should I be concerned about putting scratched cd’s into the DMP, could it damage the player?
I was gonna just rip them to WAV and play them through my thumb drive but I’d much prefer playing from the disc.

Why would one be concerned if a scratched CD would harm the DMP? Nothing contacts the playback surface. A warped or cracked CD could but, surface scratches, why do you believe there may be a risk of harm to the DMP?

because a scratched cd is going into a very expensive transport. im just not used to putting scratched cds into any cd player… all of my discs are in mint condition.

I’d be more concerned if it were, warped, cracked or had debris on the read surface.
Scratched, it’s possible the DMP won’t track the CD or it will skip. As nothing touches the surface upon playback I don’t see how it would harm the DMP. What are your thoughts as to why it may harm it? Of course it’s your option to play it, or not. I can’t say I endorse ripping CDs that you did not purchase for personal use.

if a player doesnt track the cd or it causes skipping… that wouldn’t harm the player? ive heard cd’s skip in the past when I had my dinky bookshelf stereo in the 90s and that always freaked me out and I’d take out the cd right away. I dont know i just assumed hearing that somehow would mess up the player.

No harm will come to the player, unless the CD is smeared with peanut butter or the like. :slight_smile:


If you like Folk Singer on CD, try the SACD version from Acoustic Sounds. It’s a sunner.


Been wanting this issue but its been back ordered forever! Not sure if its out of print or what!

Yeah, you are right a number of titles have been on backorder lately. They are still available but the SACDs are made in small batches in Austria.

There are tools to polish scratched CD’s. Not that it matters for the CD player, but your sound quality will definitely improve. The less bad or missed bits the better the sound quality.

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As others have mentioned, you won’t cause any harm to the player with scratched CDs. It doesn’t cause any added strain on the mech or anything. I know what you mean by putting used, scratched CDs into such an expensive transport, but it doesn’t mind.


Discogs seems to have a handful available:

Folk Singer SACD

Analog Productions (AP) SACD

Had that exact CD and because of the way the jewel box grips the center of the disc, it cracked the disc when trying to remove it. Bummed me out, one of my favorite recordings.