How to get rid of scratch out of CD?

A friend of mine got a german CD sent from UK. It has a scratch and he wants to fix instead of dealing with return. Any ideas?

Can it be successfully ripped with dBPoweramp? If so, my recommendation would be to copy it and then burn a new CDR. Fixing a scratched CD surface is tough. None of the techniques I’d tried in the past were very effective. But I can’t say I’d tried them all. :man_shrugging:

Oddly, I have some luck with discs that won’t rip in dBPoweramp nor XLD by ripping them in Apple Music to ALAC.

Note: Apple Lossless has been open source since 2011.

If the scratch is not too severe but it won’t read I’ve sometimes had success just cleaning it with a bit of liquid soap. If that doesn’t work you could try applying a dab of Vaseline over the scratch then washing it. I’ve had little success using techniques using toothpaste but you never know.

The used CD shop near me uses a buffing wheel and compound on a bench grinder. Maybe there is a used CD store near you that does the same?

makes sense…since the underside of the label is where the 0’s and 1’s are applied…a little buffing would allow the transport to better read the info…

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He ended up going old school and took out an ancient pc with old dvd drive. It worked


Our local record shop has a device to restore CDs and it has yet to fail. Basically it lightly polishes the playing surface removing scratches. It has happily restored dozens of my more obscure CDs. Don’t know the brand, but maybe a simple Google search will solve it. The record shop is Toad Hall in Rockford Illinois, Rush-Mor in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighbor hood has a similar device that is equally effective. Give either a call and hey may be able to identify the device. With RSD upon us Saturday will not be the best dy for me to inquire.

This stuff works.


It is a great option, if your local shop can’t do it, just go easy. Toad Hall does it as a courtesy for me.

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Machines are not necessary. They are nice but a little dab of goo, a polishing cloth, and some rubbing over the scratch can get the job done. In the privacy of your own home.



definitely works!