Is Transport damaged?

I tried to use a CD Damper disc that is .03MM thick. It got stuck and the unit made a loud ratcheting noise. I promptly ejected it. It is working fine now. Could I have caused permanent damage or damage down the road from this incident?

Do these discs make any difference in a high end transport and is it worth trying another?
Thank you

You do not need a cd damper in the DMP or PWT transport. If it is working ok now it is very unlikely that you hurt anything. As long as you got the disk to eject you are back in business!

Thank you. That is good to hear. It seems these things have gone the way of the Dodo bird anyways. Hardly any store has them anymore. I bet due to incompatibility like I just found out. At least it is unharmed. Since I don’t even need one. That loud noise was scary but at least it probably did not damage it.

I actually see the DMP uses a DVD ROM drive. No wonder it would not fit! My bad. That is also obviously why I do not need a Damper disc. It is spinning at higher speed and reading into memory I take it.

That is the key!

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I cannot even find a store with a CD mat anymore. I wonder why. Plus it says for top loaders only! Duh. Just hope I did not damage it.

Reading into memory even scratched disc(to a degree) is not going to matter. It resamples the information I guess. Then the DSS reclocks it. Sounds darn great if I must say so myself.

If you can play a disc successfully, then you did not damage anything. It probably just bound up the spinner for a bit and you heard belt/gears slipping. I would not concern yourself with it.

It isn’t that the disk is spinning faster in the DMP it is the lack of clearance in the drawer for a second disk thickness. The DMP does not extract the data like the PWT used to it simply plays the disk on the fly and feeds the data stream into the digital lens buffer. I know this to be true as I have a CD without any visual defect that fails to play in the DMP without mistracking at the very end of the last track and making some snapping noises. This disk used to play fine in the PWT and I extracted it to make a copy on the computer. The copy plays fine now in the DMP.

That is both interesting, and disappointing if in fact true from a design perspective. I was under the assumption the Digital Lens buffer (RAM playback) was at least as effective on the DMP as the PWT.

The digital lens in the DMP is very effective at improving the sound but does not have the storage capacity and the drive does not read and reread like the PWT did. I find it interesting that initially the DMP was going to be called the Direcstream Transport and than it was changed to the Directstream Memory Player. The real memory player was the pwt with the large buffer that used Exact Audio Copy type software to truly extract the data from the disk without traditional error correction.

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The only reasonable explanation is this functionality was sacrificed in favor of improved SQ. At least, that is what I hope. Otherwise is just makes no sense.

If you watch the video on the development of the DMP Bob S says they found they did not have to read the disk 3 times. I would bet they found that passing the audio through the large FIFO gave the opportunity for some jitter to creep into the mix. The other issue was they really wanted SACD playback capability and the license deal with Oppo made the cost more affordable to do.


Makes sense. Thanks man. Interesting background info…

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So the PWT was actually a better player? If so that is a bummer. It certainly does not have clearance for 2 discs stacked. Obviously belt was slipping on gear. I just hope it did not chew up the belt or gear. Maybe slippage is actually a safety mechanism? For instance if you did not load the disc correctly? It says those mats are only for top loaders. I never knew that. I had a Sony ES with no room in the drawer either but it used it fine. I guess that thing does not make any difference in a properly designed player anyways. I will put it somewhere in the basement so I do not accidently use it again. I imagine even a cork one is too thick. It can only handle the height of one CD like most DVD Rom’s.

I loved my PWT but the DMP does sound so much better. It is just different technology! I hated to give up my PWT but my ears told me the DMP was the way to go.

I used to use damper discs, green pens, and treat every disc with Brillianize plastic cleaner and polish, but none of that seems to make any difference with the DMP, being it operates off a buffer. Glad those days are over with.

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I haven’t yet found a disc that the DMP did not play at all or stopped playing at some point. But I do have a couple that cause the drive to make a rattling noise. That’s quite unpleasant, since I often listen at moderate to low levels. I remember this from older CD players but thought, a modern drive wouldn’t do that anymore. Does anyone know, what exactly is the reason for the rattling noise? The discs look perfectly alright. Anyway, I thought about copying them like you mentioned. How exactly are you creating your copy? Thanks.

@anon85907017 DMP won’t play this disc. My PS3 and Esoteric play it no problem at all.

The loud ratcheting noise it made was scary to say the least. It quickly ejected/rejected it.

All is well that ends well.